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Tarkov Needs to Lean into Utilizing Ergonomics More

This stat has become kind of unimportant recently. Let's change that.

By JirasuPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Ergonomics is a weapon statistic that has three primary roles in affecting how your PMC handles and operates the weapon they are using. The speed at which you aim down the optic of the gun, how long your PMC can keep their sights up, and the amount of noise your weapon makes when aiming. The higher your weapons ergonomics, the faster it aims, the longer you can aim, and the quieter your weapon is. Otherwise, this stat doesn’t do a whole lot for how a weapon performs and handles. What makes this worse, is that the best builds for weapons tend to usually ignore ergo because of how... I don’t want to say useless it is, but I guess that word is most appropriate for this particular case. Armor also has some of these stats on them as well, including backpacks, but for the most part, BSG has adjusted those numbers over the years, so it isn’t as intense as it once was. But for weapons specifically, ergonomics could and honestly should be more of an integral part of how people build their weapons. Granted, things have gotten better, with suppressors having higher penalties to ergo, but new weapon parts have kind of negated those harsher penalties. And that’s one place where we could start to try and make players of Tarkov think about their weapon’s ergonomics and how it might affect their play whilst in raid. So, let’s talk about ergonomics and some changes/adjustments that could be made so it plays more of an important role with weapon modding but not making it so crippling that people only focus on that one stat. So, if you enjoy these topics and would like to hear more, be sure to subscribe for more videos in the future of this nature.

For the most part, the community at large has ignored this stat mainly because its effects aren’t potent enough to be felt unless you meet certain thresholds. I am an exception to this rule which we will go over a little bit later but having a weapon with ergo below 30 is the only time when most people actually begin to feel how slow and sluggish a weapon can be. Otherwise, it’s largely ignored because the speed, sound, and length of time a weapon can be aimed down is long enough that having ergo sitting anywhere between 35-50 will usually do the job. Speed being the first hurdle we’ll tackle. In short, ergonomics should have more of an impact on how fast your weapon can be aimed. And it should scale linearly all the way up to 99 ergo, realistically. Now, it’s very rare and honestly difficult to run a weapon with more than 90 ergo. There are some weapons that can be used: the STIM-9, TX-15, Short SAG AK, and a few others because their base ergo stat is so ludicrously high. But on the opposite end, you get enough ergo, and the weapon doesn’t feel like it gets any faster. I would say after 70, you get very harsh diminishing returns on speed. So, it would be cool to really see your aiming speed get faster every 10 or so ergonomics you give a weapon. And having numbers below let’s say 30 as an example hurts your weapon’s speed enough to shy people away from having guns with long barrels, full recoil attachments, and high-capacity magazines. Making people think about what they want to run, and maybe using a buttstock that focuses more on ergo instead of recoil. It still allows for freedom of expression with weapon builds, but also gently suggests that hey, maybe one of these parts should be an ergo centric one. But speed isn’t the only effect ergo has.

Weapon sound has always been kind of hated by the community and it makes sense why. It doesn’t allow you to be sneaky in situations where you might want to be. And guns in general just don’t make as much noise as they do in-game. Maybe something like the PKM or RPD could be the exception to this rule, but an MP5-SD should never be this loud. There is an argument to be had that it’s for game balance, as not being able to hear enemy weapons being aimed could make it harder to sus out where people might be. And while that may be true, that hearing radius should be meters in the single digits. As in, you’re in a room at dorms, and the person you are trying to hear is in the next room over. Anything more than that and well... we have the game we’re currently playing. And as much as I would honestly love it for low ergo weapons to be stupid loud, it just doesn’t make sense. Worse case with any changes to ergo, what we have now is the loudest they can get below our arbitrary example of 30 ergo. Anything higher and your weapon gets quieter.

Another strange quirk that BSG hasn’t resolved is the fact that all weapons, regardless of size or ergonomics, are raised at the same speed when coming out of a sprint. And here is where the biggest adjustment would be coming into play. The lower your weapons ergo, the longer it would take for that weapon to reset to neutral after letting go of sprint. A simple change like this would drastically alter how some people play this game. No more stutter stepping around to stay mobile. No, if your weapon has low ergo, that sucker isn’t coming back up to a ready to fire position quickly. I can’t recall if BSG ever said that they would be tackling this, but it’s certainly something that would get the community talking. Because while it doesn’t really make sense how it works in its current state, the fact all weapons return to neutral after a sprint being the same time is a legacy mechanic at this point; something that I’m guessing BSG wanted to change at one point or another, but got bogged down by other more important mechanics and additions being added into the game. Other than adjusting general ADS speed for weapons, this would bring that largest set of changes that would take a while to sink in for players. We’re all so used to how fast our weapon comes back up after running around, and in a place like dorms, trying to be aggressive with a big gun only to then realize it has so little ergo that it won’t come back up in time and dying because of that fact, would certainly piss some people off. But again, the goal of this conversation is to try and give back some use to ergonomics. There are only a few weapons and use cases where this statistic is important.

This might just be a me thing, but does anyone else play with V-Sync on? I have to because if I don’t I get massive screen tearing across my game, and it’s too ugly and apparent to ignore. Maybe there are some settings I haven’t messed around with that could alleviate this, but something I’ve noticed in the years I’ve had V-Sync on, is that locking your framerate to your monitors refresh rate (which is 60) in my case, it effectively halves your ergonomics in Tarkov. Here is a side-by-side comparison. First with V-Sync on, and then off. I don’t know if the recording will pick up the difference, but weapons for me under 40 ergo feel so sluggish and slow to aim down. And it has absolutely gotten me killed in the past. But I wanted to just mention this because it’s something I’ve only noticed in Tarkov. No other FPS game has this quirk. And again, maybe there are some settings I can adjust to make the tearing not as bad, but even then, the game doesn’t look as smooth because the framerate is all over the place instead of being locked to 60. So, maybe I won’t turn it off, because the game is so much smoother, but man that unintentional ergonomics hit really sucks, sometimes.

Ergonomics is kind of a slept-on stat in Tarkov. And I mean that in the sense that the game doesn’t utilize it more. There needs to be more of an emphasis on it, and how it affects your weapons speeds and overall feeling. More is good; the weapon is snappier, doesn’t take as long to aim, not as loud, you get the idea. And of course, the opposite is true for low ergonomic weapons. My hope is that BSG eventually leans into ergo and makes players think twice about the weapons they build and honestly just use. Some are better suited for certain situations. And it would be nice if we didn’t always see the same weapons built the same ways. Let’s get some more variety into the game, shall we? Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to watch this video. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on ergo in general, and how these changes might affect the gameplay of Tarkov and be sure to subscribe for more videos about changing game mechanics that could have drastic ramifications across Tarkov as a whole. I hope to see you in future ones.

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