Steam Games Even I Would Play

by L. Welch 2 years ago in pc

Written by yours truly, who does not care about games and hates paying a lot of money for them.

Steam Games Even I Would Play

As much as I love to play free phone games, it's hard for me to find ones that I would pay actual money for without crying over it the next day. The person I live with, on the other hand, loves games and begs for me to play. So, if you have someone who desperately wants you to play a game with them or try some out to see what you like, these are pretty laidback.

1. 'The Watson-Scott Test'

This "game" is best for those who hate committing hours to a single game. I'm sure YouTube videos have influenced many to want this game, but in my opinion, I would think it is worth it. Many people can take it and get different results. Yes, it is a little eerie and has like two jump-scares, but it was worth whatever I paid for it. Plus, you do get a certificate for "surviving" the test and it tells you about yourself.

Also, if you do play this game and get easily scared, I would suggest not wearing headphones because you will get freaked out.

2. 'Starbound'

This particular game I have only played multiplayer on. It reminds me of Terraria, but seems to be more relaxed (unless you go underground or find one of those huge monster things), you can usually outrun your enemies, too. I was put off by having to pay $15.99 for it, but it was (so far) worth it... although I have died many times.

You are able to build houses and buildings of all sorts while simultaneously completing your goals of the game. There are many varieties of enemies.

3. 'The Forest'

Honestly, it's a great play. I did two types of games: One with the cannibals, and one that had none of them and I could just build everything without wondering when I'm going to be killed or dragged into a cave. I personally enjoyed the version without the enemies, but that's because I like building more than I like fighting. This game is also multiplayer, so if you're like me and just like collecting and building things, you can play with someone else and have them fight the enemies.

Looking those guys in the face is quite terrifying, especially if you find them behind you when you're walking to collect some sticks.

4. '911 Operator'

I'm into games that have a story, and this one does have a story, just more so thousands of little ones. Getting calls and determining whether or not to send the requested vehicle is amazing. You will get to know which calls were problems and which ones were not at the end of that shift. It's quite frustrating when all of your ambulances are in route and someone just called in for one more, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

You get downloadable content and added stories with the packs you can buy as well. You will be able to upgrade how many cars you have for each unit as the game progresses.

5. 'Welcome to the Game 2'

Okay so, this one requires a LOT of dedication and time. If the whole story about being a detective trying to find someone through the dark web interests you, I'd get it. You do have to be careful with almost every single thing you do and you must remember to do things at certain times (for example, lock your door). I would say that if crime stuff does not interest you, it might not be worth it. I had watched numerous play throughs of this game and it seems that you need way more patience than I could ever have.

The only thing that I have always questioned was why would the police come to get you? You are a detective, after all, so wouldn't they know you're undercover and trying to solve this case?

6. 'Super Granny'

Now, I know what you're thinking, but this game is honestly amazing. I've played almost all of the versions of Super Granny on WildTangent and would definitely pay to get more than a free trial again. All you have to do is rescue your beloved cats and run away from enemies. You also get a bonus for collecting multiple cats and bringing them to their place. There are lots of levels and it's really relaxing for those who just want to play when they feel like it.

You can literally buy almost all of them, if not all, for a really low price. This used to be my favorite game when I was really small, so seeing it pop up again on Steam was really nostalgic for me.

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