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Sniper Series

After recently purchasing Sniper 3: Ghost Warrior and started playing it, I found it to be a rather interesting experience. This, in turn, gave me ideas for what to do next for the Sniper Elite series. These ideas may not be perfect and I don't expect fans of the series to agree with me or even the game makers. I just want my thoughts put down.

The Great Patriotic War


Also known as World War 2, this was the Soviet side of the conflict. The character could be a conscripted soldier thrown into the heat of conflict that was Stalingrad. The character could even be the famous Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyi or the most famous female Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

World War 1

Amidst the chaos of the war to end all wars, it wouldn't be all that surprising if sharpshooters were employed out of the trenches.

The question would be is that how would the game work out? Would it be an American soldier ready and eager for combat during America's entry into the war? An English marksman willing to prove his worth to King and country? A French officer who is doing it to protect his family? An Arab woman looking to avenge the death of her family? A young Italian enlistee with dreams of glory?

The possibilities are many. Maybe they could do it like Battlefield 1's campaign mode where you can choose what stories you want to follow.

Second Sino-Japanese War

World War 2 for China began in July 1937 with the Marco Polo Bridge incident.

The character could be a Communist soldier fighting the Japanese or even a nationalist soldier. It could even be an American volunteer or a British soldier of the army or marines.

The missions in the game could range from assassinating Japanese officers to sabotaging supply lines, saving civilians from being massacred and many other actions to harass the Japanese war effort.

First Chechen War

Conflict with the Russian state of Chechnya began near the end of 1994 with the Battle of Khankala. It was, unfortunately, a Russian victory and marked the beginning of the First Chechen War. The conflict ended with a brief but effective Moscow Peace Treaty

The game could focus on a Chechen fighter, harassing the Russian war effort.

Second Chechen War

Whether the game will be a sequel to the first one or not, the game won't have a happy ending due to the fact that the Russians were able to topple the Chechen government.

Nevertheless, the main character will still fight hard for what he/she knows what they have too.

The sequel to this one could focus on guerrilla warfare in Chechnya.

Bosnian War

Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, the nations that were a part of it descended into chaos. Large accounts of rape, ethnic cleansing and the targeting of civilian towns and cities, made this conflict so intense that the United Nations could no longer ignore this and sent NATO troops in.

The plot of the game could be a soldier in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, doing his/her part to fight against the Yugoslav People's Army.

The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

We all know this conflict was the Vietnam war for the Soviets and we know that the United States and the European governments didn't have to do much to combat the Soviet aggression.

The character could be some random mercenary or a member of a foreign intelligence agency sent into Afghanistan to disrupt the Soviet incursions into the country.

There could also be some romance. A local Afghan woman, deserting Soviet soldier, foreign report, another intelligence agent, the possibilities for this one would be endless.

US Civil War 2?

Just throwing this one out there, but with the steam of the Mueller investigation building up even more momentum, would civil war really happen if the scumbag-in-chief and his rotten lot got imprisoned?

The character could be a CIA agent sent in to gather intelligence on enemy movements, but things go horribly wrong and he/she is trapped behind enemy lines.

The character could also be a serving or veteran member of the armed forces. A law enforcement officer like the FBI or US Marshals service would work too.

A Final Note

I am already aware that CI Games has announced that Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is coming out in 2019, but what I am doing here is just giving my thoughts as stated earlier. I merely want to show the creators that there are enough World War 2 games that take place from the American point-of-view and since they've already had three of the games taking place in the modern day. I thought that some other historical moments might work too.

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