'Call of Duty'

What could be next?

'Call of Duty'

The recent Call of Duty game along with last year's World War has further proven that the Call of Duty series has shown no sign of slowing. Yet, what is next for the most popular First-Person-Shooter series? I am here to bounce some ideas off of everyone's heads.

World War 1-America Troops

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Seeing that Battlefield 1 took place during the first war, why not have Call of Duty do the same? Granted Battlefield 1 had the campaign mode take place on all the sides of the Allied forces, but what if the Call of Duty series does just the one side?

The United States did not enter the first war until April 6, 1917 CE.

The first battle for the American troops was Cambrai from November 20th to December 7 1917, and the game could end with the Battle of Meuse-Argonne, 26 September – 11 November 1918.

So why not have our brave fighting men from the "War to End all Wars" participate? You could meet a young Harry Truman and General John Pershing and even serve along the famed Harlem Hellfighters.

World War 1-The British

If the Call of Duty people wanted to do separate games or at least have the Downloadable, then they should add the British forces.

Britain entered the war on August 4th, 1914 CE.

The British army consisted of multiple troops from around the colonies and volunteers from the home country.

Such regiments featured in the game could be the Guards Division or even the 43rd Wessex Divison. They could also feature the first Cavalry Division and the fighting could be done on horseback.

World War 1-The French

Another idea for a separate game or downloadable content would have the French Army.

They entered the war on July 28, 1914 CE, shortly before Britain entered the war.

The game could feature several people from various French colonies, along with American volunteers. This would also be ideal for using the famed Lafayette Escadrille.

Red Dawn style

Knowing the scumbag-in-chief that we have as a "President" it would come as no surprise if the Russians came into American and took it over with the same brutality and fear that was done in the movie seen above. The story could be about the Russians invading (no thanks to the Orange Fuhrer) and it's up to a few commandos along with several resistance fighters, to take back the country.

Another possibility is that it could take place during the same time as the movie "Red Dawn" but not having it be a video game version of the movie. It could feature a Vietnam vet having to regain his fighting spirit despite his past, helping to led a resistance against the invasion.

Russian Civil War

If you thought Trump was bad, Putin is even worse and it would not surprise me in the least bit if the Russian people said they had enough and started a civil war to overthrow Trump's butt-buddy. The plot could be a Russian Special forces commando has gotten fed up with being a pawn in a much larger scheme and that instead of helping put down a rebellion, he takes sides with the Anti-Putin rebels. Chechnya, the Urals, Siberia, matters not where the game would take place in Russia.

Brazilian Civil War

With the recent elections in Brazil and the new President of the country being the same breed of scum as Trump, it would not surprise me if the country broke out into a civil war.

The plot of the game could involve a group of SAS commandoes, French Foreign Legion, Portuguese Army or U.N. troop, fighting to protect civilians against Brazilian government troops and helping the rebels liberate the country from the dictatorship of Jair Bolsonaro.

Mars Rebellion

The story could be a sequel to Infinite Warfare. With the defeat of the SDF, the UNSA takes over the Red Planet and after a while becomes more tyrannical and despotic. It could feature a group of disgruntled Martian troopers, fighting against the UNSA.

The story could also be a separate story. It could be where there is a conflict between a newly independent Mars and militaristic Earth government that is truly to take the red planet and the Martian government fights back.

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