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Plan the perfect Valentine's Day/ vacay for your sims with this CC

Why sulk around at home when you can live vicariously through your sims?

By Bianca WilsonPublished about a year ago 8 min read
featuring my sim, Hannah Louisa fantasizing about her crush again. Girl... just stahp

(Disclaimer: AHEM! Yes, I know Valentine's Day is gone but there's been a bit of love-related cc that was released recently and I can't just ignore that, sorry.)

You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow! Your S.O has gone all out and planned a few days of fun for just the two of you! You tried asking them for a hint but all you know is it's out of state, there's no telling what the temperature will be like. You can't help but feel slightly excited yet annoyed since you don't know what to pack.

So let's plan accordingly!

STEP 1: Pack Your Bags

What's your style?

Are you 1. Chic & Rich?

2. Simple (basic bi-)?

3. A self-appointed baddie?

4. Bougie?

5. Gothic?

6. Tomboy?

7. Artistic?

8. Otaku/lover of asian media

9. Coquette?

10. Boho?

Suitcase 1 is packed for a Chic Rich Girl

Outfit 1:

This outfit's all Chanel baby. Not only did you come to play but SLAY! There's no way your date won't find you as lovely and charming as you feel wearing these clothes. You can wear heels-

or you could wear something easy to walk just in case you'll be on your feet for a while.

Outfit 2:

An outfit that doesn't at all prepare you for the cold, it's stylish and you prefer fashion over function and will perhaps pay for it dearly later if the cold is extreme. Should you pair it with some-

or boots? They could help keep you warm...

Outfit 3:

If it's warm...although most of your outfits show a lot of skin.

With these shoes.

Suitcase 2 is packed for a simple girl

You're a pleb, so what? There are still plenty of clothes that are comfortable, and of decent quality for a cheap price.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:


In case of needing to swim

The rest in this suitcase:

I'm not calling you basic but...


Suitcase 3 is packed for a Self-appointed Baddie

Outfit 1:

Whether it's warm or not others will feel hot just from looking at you.

Outfit 2:

See Madlen's collection of shoes on for more shoes.

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

The "Robyn" bodysuit from this pack.


I said it's a swimsuit! That's a swimsuit to me! There's little difference between underwear and swimsuits anyway.

The rest in this suitcase:

Suitcase 4 is packed for a Bougie Lady

A bougie lady is resourceful. Even if you may not have expensive clothes, your sense of style and poise screams CLASS. People's heads turn at the sight of you, gents will chase after you and ladies will regard you as a cool older sister figure.

Outfit 1:

When in doubt simple is best, you elevated your look by folding and tucking in the halves of your shirt and tying it, this way if it's hot or cold you'll be prepared. Just in case you'll bring along a jacket, watch, and some jewelry to add the finishing touches to the look.

Possibly pair with these shoes or some of the ones from rich chic

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:


(Not even gonna lie my older sister has something similar to this but it's green)


The rest in this suitcase:


Suitcase 5 is for a Gothic girl

Maybe you will be rocking all black, and maybe not. Either way, you feel powerful in your clothes, no doubt your date will never take their eyes off you!

Outfit 1:

A perfect day to wear something that reflects how frilly and ruffled your heart feels when with your significant other.

Outfit 2:

A cute lolita set that would go well with a garter, a necklace and some killer boots.

(anyone play mycandylove? This reminds me of Rosalya's boots. Isn't it the spitting image?)

Outfit 3:

An adorable yet seductive look for a more intimate night with your lover, you can wear it to a party... or something. It's been sitting in the closet forever, you better find an occasion to wear this outfit and wear it right!

When paired with some sleeves, and heels this look will complete itself, but it can also be worn simply as shown in photo.

Outfit 3:

In case of warm weather, a simple look will suffice.

These boots were made for walking and that's just what you'll do with your date.

Outfit 4:

For a romantic dinner, a black dress is a must.

Outfit 5:

In case you have free time and end up hitting the town, it's a perfect outfit to browse in.

(Can't believe I'm just now finding this dress)

Could be paired with some cool jewelry, fishnet stockings, gloves, a wide brimmed hat, and this lovely pair of shoes.

The rest in this suitcase:

Suitcase 6 is for a Tomboy

A girl that's a bro at heart but still, a girl. Dads love you, the girlfriends of your guy friends are wary of you. Yeah, like that one Billie Eilish song, "bad guy."

Outfit 1:

What. Why are you looking at me like that?

For a valentine's date? Okay, shhh.

Slap on a white cap, go find your bling. Some big earrings, hoops preferably and a gold necklace. Search your closet for your best denim jacket and voila. Finished look. Accessorizing is key my friend.

Outfit 2:

These boots go with both outfits 1 and 2

Outfit 3:

Choose either a girlish blouse another demin outfit and simple white tee! When in doubt of mysterious schedules simple is best.

Outfit 4:

An outfit that strongly resembles the one from Kim Possible, perfect representation of a tomboy, perfect outfit to hang out in. Pair it with some boots or sneakers, any is fine.

The rest in this suitcase:

A collection of stylish pants and simple cropped shirts that show off some midriff and those arm muscles.

Simple boyish underwear.

Perfect clothes to either chill out or walk along the beach or something.

Suitcase 7 is for an Artistic girl

You've got soul, you got style. You've got parents who could afford to fund your hobbies.

Outfit 1:

Staple artistic girl outfit, slap on a beret or hat and hopefully, if your date gives you a necklace for v-day, the look will be complete.

Outfit 2:

That valentine's day necklace would tie in your final look perfectly with this outfit.

Outfit 3:

People will probably be complimenting you left and right on these.

This cute look needs some height to elevate it further! Doesn't have to be the following heels but you get the idea.

Wanna pair it with some socks? No? In case you change your mind though...

In your suitcase:

In case of warm weather you have packed:

Suitcase 8 is for an otaku girl

Depending on the type of otaku you are, cosplay aside, we're lovers of Asian fashion/all fashion, any clothes with simple yet elegant designs or any outfit that reminds us of our favorite female anime characters/asian drama characters or pop idols. But... at the same time we usually love fashion and are all over the place (and you know this may apply to the others as well)

Outfit 1:

Stay warm and stylish, double up them legs with as much stockings and legging as you can. Wear long boots or boots with legwarmers like.

These boots totally didn't remind you of Nana from the anime NANA. Totally. No seriously is it just me? This look should be completed with a knitted hat or something.

Outfit 2:

A dress that would be perfectly complimented by a necklace... with these.

Something about these boots make you feel like a protagonist of a shoujo manga.

Outfit 3:

A classy look that wasn't at all inspired by k-dramas with stories about being the illegitimate/long-lost daughter of a rich family that gets pushed out by steps/an adopted sibling.

The rest in this suitcase:

A collection of sleepwear you totally didn't buy because of the title "Love Myself" what? There was a sale!

A simple and modest look that leaves you feeling like an innocent female lead from a novel.

There's nothing that screams otaku more than a striped scarf...

A set of lovely clothing perfect for valentine's day, once again it exudes heroine energy.

For a more seductive dinner.

A coat that makes you feel like a kdrama villainess. I can already see you standing out in the cold wearing this while waiting for your date.

9. (Honorable Mention:) Suitcase 9 is packed for a Coquette

A coquette is a flirtatious girl. She doesn't actually have any sincere affection toward men.

Things in this suitcase:

Why does this look familiar? It's the outfits and character's from MEAN GIRLS- Regina George and Janis Ian (Lindsey Lohan's friend who used to be part of Regina's clique). Both outfits are screaming seduction!

And look what I found for pajamas?!

Remember those 90 shows about female friendship and stuff? It's giving that.

Step 2: Your hotel or destination

Where does your date take you? A charming vintage love hotel?

Some oversea island with charming cave-like architecture?

A hotel somewhere out there...

Or somewhere in the tropics?

Link is the B

(Or C? See Felixandre's 4 pt Grove furniture collection set)

Maybe you don't actually end up going anywhere that special. Maybe nothing goes according to plan and the both of you end up celebrating at home?

Or maybe because you never had a boyfriend to begin with you ended up working on that day all by your onesome (not that you even remembered it was Valentine's Day anyway).

See Felixandre's Berlin Collection Set, this is part 3.

Step 3: Dinner Time

Outside in a lovely garden well lit, you both look great the food is divine and everything sweeps you away so much that the two of you lose track of time.

Maybe (if you stayed home) he invites you to meet his parents after Vday after they insisted on meeting you...and maybe they turned out to be more "comfortable" than you expected. Everyone was very nice, although you don't think his Mother likes you.

Now that's it. It's over. Hope you had a nice break.

Souvenirs your date bought for you:

A mirror.

A bear.

And what a lovely bear it is.

A necklace with your sign. Wouldn't it be interesting if he got it wrong? Perfect opportunity to argue with him about how he doesn't remember your birthday and maybe months later after you eventually break up you scroll across his media where he gets back with his first love and you find out her birthday and suddenly everything starts to make sense.

souvenirs for family (or yourself):

For your younger brother or sister, niece or nephew.

For yourself, mom or single friend that loves candles.

This robe is a mood and the moment and once you saw it you knew you needed it in your life.

For yourself and boyfriend:

Thanks for reading!


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Bianca Wilson

A college student studying Creative Writing. Webnovel writer, sims 4 simmer, poet and daydreamer.

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