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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Remastered Review

A fantastic game remake on the Nintendo Switch

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 2 months ago 3 min read

I love video games. We have a family Nintendo Switch and an Xbox One in our house. Just recently my partner and I started playing Co-op Stardew Valley together and it was just such a nice bonding experience for us because we both love the game and play it differently.

But nothing beats a good ole classic Nintendo game in my mind.

Nintendo saved my life. Read one of my most popular Vocal posts down below.

I don't think I have ever been so excited about a game before. Released on May, 23rd, 2024, this game quickly became all any Nintendo fan can talk about. The 20-year-old remake of this classic Nintendo GameCube game was worth my rupees that's for sure. As of right now, I have sunk 12 hours into one of my favourite games. I'm a little embarrassed actually but it's been hard to set it down.

I have fond memories of being 6-years-old watching my mom play the original Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on our family GameCube when I was a little girl. I tried to follow her footsteps but parts of the game were just too hard for me to play when I was a kid.

I love the fact that it's all ages though because of it belonging in the Mario franchise.

The graphics are enhanced. That was one of the first things I noticed was how beautiful the game actually is. Some areas were really dark but they fixed some of those previous game problems.

The dialogue is funny. There are parts that actually make me laugh out loud which is rare in a video game in my mind.

The only real quarrel that I have with Nintendo so far about this game, was the price. It matches the price of a Switch original. I wish that when Nintendo remade classic games that they were a little more affordable. On the flip side, used copies of the original games go for over $165 online. However, with the love I have for this game- it was worth the money I spent. I just am mildly annoyed over the price. I could have waited months and not bought it upon release day but I honestly was THAT excited when I found out this game was being remade for the Switch. And because of how good the game is, I don't really expect them to put it on sale anytime soon.

Other Nintendo fans are just as excited as I am about this new release. I come across at least one news article about the game a day ranging from how to pick your Yoshi colour, to thoughts about the remake, to comments on the gameplay. People are really going all out there with this remake.

I'm just about to embark on the pirate adventure in Chapter 5 of the game which I have got to say, is one of my favourite ones but who am I kidding? I love every single thing about this game.

I used to watch Chuggaconroy, a YouTuber, back in the day play this game while I played Sims on my PC or played some random Nintendo DS game. I was a big Fantasy Life player for a while there. He does THE best narration of the game, and of course I have linked the intro for it down below. He's an underrated YouTuber and the Let's Play video series he does for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is amazing.

All around, Nintendo did such a good job on this remake that I just had to write about it- especially since I don't make enough time to play video games as I have way too many hobbies.

Have you played this game? What did you think of the remake? Let me know down below in the comments.

Chloe Rose Violet🌹

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Comments (2)

  • Dana Crandell2 months ago

    I'm sure you'll find an appreciative audience for this excellent review. I was never much of a Mario fan. I went through several gaming phases over the years, from pinball and Frogs at the arcade, through all the home consoles, to playing Myst and Riven online with Pam. We had a GOG subscription for a while to play them from start to finish again. Can't seem to find anything of that caliber anymore, but I don't have the time, anyway.

  • shanmuga priya2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing.

Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Written by Chloe Rose Violet 🌹

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