Our New Reality: VR Edition

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Will you join this new reality?

Our New Reality: VR Edition
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Will the power of virtual reality take over the world? Would we need to rely on such things? Ready Player One, novel by Ernest Cline and 2018 film directed by Steven Spielberg, with its X-Men: Apocalypse actor Tye Sheridan, really got me—and most viewers—thinking, could this happen?

The film was set in 2045 where a company called the OASIS—an expensive virtual reality company had made a whole new open roam world inside the headset. In the film Civilians gave up their life completely and invested themselves in the world of virtual reality were you could be anyone you want, have a new backstory, a new reputation, and a new life. Imagine having that opportunity, that's an opportunity that someone would definitely take in a heart beat. Imagine having that opportunity to look like Lara Croft from The Tomb Raider, Ashe from Overwatch, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, or a Call of Duty specialist. I definitely wouldn't mind taking that opportunity. "You can do anything... Go anywhere," "People come to the OASIS for all the things they can do, but they stay because all of the things they can be... Tall, beautiful, scary, a different sex, a different species, live action, cartoon. It's all your call." Just listening to that movie intro instantly grabbed me. Virtual reality is a thing. It isn't fictional, the graphics in the VR headset might not be the greatest, but have you checked out games recently? It's becoming more live like everyday. Not a matter of time those graphics will transfer to the VR headset.

How is this addictive?

This outcome would definitely mostly work out because this isn't all fictional at the end of the day like how I've mentioned. The movie might not be true, but the equipment and description is. Virtual reality is taking over by storm—just recently I went to an arcade where there was a whole VR section. It came from categories to horror to action. People would spend all of their card money just to play, it was that addictive. Just watching it, I was desperate to play. I've visited my cousin's place for dinner and a hang out—what families usually do. I noticed that he was wearing a VR headset and headphones that connected to the headset, I was curious on wanting to know what he was playing. Just looking on the TV as it projected was a plain ball game, but once he let me try for the first time. It wasn't just a plain ball game, it was the ball game, Danger Ball, illustrated by PlayStation. You could hear the audience cheer, you could see the lights in the arena, you could almost feel that you were there. I didn't want to take it off. Right after I played, I thought about getting one for Christmas and how I'd be playing it all summer. Is this how life would end up? This VR console could be addictive, you're not just sitting on your couch or sitting in your bedroom playing, you're interacting as you move and see. It might not be all of your sixth senses, but one day it will.

The Equipment

The creators are creating, the equipment is getting stronger, millions of ideas are getting crafted. It's not long until our live would be just like the film/book. The equipment of virtual reality are growing, to start off it came with just a headset and connected headphones—now there are options of a headset, connected headphones, and full body tracking. PlayStation only supports arm tracking as of this moment but the company, VIVE, does support full body tracking such as the headset, connected strapped headphones, hand/arm tracking, hip tracking, feet and leg tracking. This gives you the ability to move fully in the free roaming world. Creators around the world are now making a new type of tracking which is on a whole new level of body tracking, "body tracking suits," similar how in Ready Player One you slip on some gloves, a tracking vest—depending on how upgraded you are—and the headset. This bodysuit contains the same concept, like the film, to feel the virtual reality.

Top VR Games To Play:

'Superhot' (2016)


Ever want to feel like John Wick or feel like your living in The Matrix without actually killing someone or going to jail? Then Superhot is right for you! This AI, built in, simulated room that puts you to the mission, whether its shooting the AI's with a pistol or throwing a ninja stars at them by trying to get away. The deal is, time moves only when you move, and there is no health bar, something to drink when you're about to die, or convenient ammo. It's just you and the AI's. Learn to train to be like John Wick.

'VRChat' (2017)


This game is similar to Ready Player One, you can be whomever you want. Literally anyone to your liking. This game is a famous, free to play, multiplayer genre with hundreds of servers to meet people all around the world. VRChat has a very large community where you can enjoy being anyone you want, while having a really good time. It's a place to make friends, show of your talents, and make people laugh.

'Beat Saber' (2018)

Beat Saber/Medium.com

Beat Saber is a rhythmic based game were your controllers are set as the lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise and your main goal is to slash the beats which fit "perfectly into precisely handcrafted music." This game comes with uploaded music, and your own custom music to jam to. This VR game makes you feel like your not just at home in your living room or bedroom anymore, you're in an alternate universe.

Will you join?

To conclude my article, a question for my viewers and gamers. Would you participate in such thing? Would you be invested? Would you want to live and be anything you want? There is no question that this can be our new reality. Will you join?

shaunah bella
shaunah bella
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