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My Gods Unchained Daily Play to Earn Plans

Winning coins, NFTs, and selling them

By Steve B HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
My Gods Unchained Daily Play to Earn Plans
Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

So, in a few previous articles, I mentioned that I’ve been playing the Gods Unchained Daily Play to Earn (DPE) since it started on August 31st, 2022. I think the games during the week have become a little bit more competitive, but not so much so that new or average players like myself won’t have a shot at winning some GOD$ during the week. And since I have been winning some GOD$ I’ve come up with a tentative plan as to how I am going to spend them.

I’ve decided to hold most of the GOD$ I already had and use about half of the ones I win during the DPE to buy either new cards to use in the game or to gamble a little bit and buy new packs.

I’ve been trying to play at least 5–10 games a day. I can usually play 1–3 in the morning before I go to work and 5–7 in the evening if I’m not too busy or too tired. So far, I’ve been able to get at least three wins a day with a couple of days going 8 out of ten. I’m not a great player, so I’ve been playing at Twilight and Midnight Shadow most of the time. As much as I’d like to play at Mystic someday, I kind of feel like my old creative type brain just doesn’t have the horsepower or the proper wiring to do it. At least not for very long. The one time I did make it to Mystic was back when the bots were rampant and I went on a very lucky and long winning streak. And I sure didn’t stay at Mystic very long. It only took about a day for me to get beaten back down to Solar Gold.

I generally don’t have a whole lot of luck winning packs during the Weekend Ranked, but when I do I will either keep, forge, sell or forge and sell the cards. I do have more incentive now though to go for the Hey Mortal 30 wins prize since I’m already playing my usual 18 games for the WR and at least ten games each for the DPE. So, if I happen to luck out and end up with a total of 30 wins by the end of the Week End ranked then that is just another bonus for me. The cards I win from the Hey Mortal prize I will sell or, if they are useful for my War, Nature, or Magic deks, I will keep and play them.

I’m not sure God$ will ever be worth more than a few dollars at most, but some of the cards/NFTs are worth a lot already. I’ve bought and won several that were in the $100-$700 range over the last nine months. So, I hope maybe by gambling a little bit by buying packs I will get lucky again and get some valuable cards.

Right now I’m selling my cards for ETH, GOD$, IMX, and USDC. Since the value of these coins will most likely change dramatically over time, I decided I may as well keep a bit of all of them if I can. Though, so far I haven’t been able to sell any of my cards for USDC. Maybe if more people start using it on the IMX market that will change though, I hope.

I don’t play Light, Deception, or Death, so those are mainly the cards I am selling. I also have a lot of duplicate War, Nature, and Magic cards that I don’t think are worth forging to Shadow, Gold or Diamond, so I’ve been selling them as well.

When I win 7 GOD$ or more I gamble a bit and buy new packs. About half of my valuable cards including the one worth $700 in ETH were bought. Not a bad hobby that pays a little bit and occasionally a lot more when I get lucky.

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