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Gods Unchained: Daily Play to Earn

Just some thoughts and my recent experience playing Gods Unchained

By Steve B HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Gods Unchained: Daily Play to Earn
Photo by Peio Bty on Unsplash

I’ve been playing the NFT/Crypto online card game for about eight months now. If you are familiar with Magic the Gathering, Heartstone or even the Pokemon card games then you would probably recognize a lot of all three of them in God’s Unchained (GU).

And up until today (8/24/2022) I was at least an average player. I’d won a few valuable NFTs (about $1000 worth) as well as maybe $300 worth of GU’s token called GOD$. I’ve spent a lot as well on NFTs/cards, but I think I’m still at least a few hundred dollars ahead at this time.

As of Aug 31st, there will be, I believe, two different ways to earn GOD$ and NFTs just by playing GU, and another two via a referral system (I think this ends soon though)and by selling NFTS. . The NFTs can be sold on several different markets for GOD$, ETH, IMX, USDC, GOG, and a few other coins, I think.

GU is a truly free play to pay online card game though, this does require you to play and win a certain number of games during the Daily GOD$ rewards system or during the weekend tournaments, which generally isn’t easy.

As of today though, I feel like things might be extremely hard for new players to earn that many GOD$ at least from the Daily Rewards which starts on Aug 31st. The Weekend Ranked tournament has always been hard and will most likely get harder.

I added this little update because it turns out I was mostly wrong about how difficult the Daily Play to Earn would be on Gods Unchained.

Well it's been a little over a week since I started playing the daily rewards on God's Unchained. I originally wrote a short little article after playing a few days leading up to the Daily Play to Earn (DPE) in which I was getting soundly stomped every single day. I went several days in which I only won one or two games or lost all 10 of my first games. so when I wrote that article I assumed that playing for the DPE was going to be a very very difficult challenge. but after a little over a week I have to say I have managed to when at least three games a day and in some cases I've won 8 out of 10.

 I generally play Between the Twilight Shadow and midnight Shadow levels most of the time. and even though the account is entirely F2P  that I've been playing for about nine months now I got lucky early on and got a pretty valuable Diamond Card which I partially cashed out and then used the rest of the ETH to buy and build better decks with.

Butt I'm not a great player so even with some fairly strong decks I've only been able to make it to Mystic one time and I didn't stay there for long. I generally play either War if I want to play shorter and faster games, Nature if I want to play sort of controlled or mid-range game, and generally Magic if I really feel like I need to win since my Magic deck is my strongest one.

All of my decks have a combination of Meteorite, Shadow and Gold shinies. right now I don't have any diamond cards. but I have been happy so far with the results and I plan on continuing to play the DPE on the days when I have time to play at least 3 to 10 games. I'm still having fun so I guess that's the most important thing.

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