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Must-Have Mods for Summer Gameplay

by Mandy Cunningham 12 months ago in list
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For those blistering days, and party-ready nights

Summer is by far my least favorite season in real life (I'm a total winter-babe), but in the Sims, it holds so much potential. I always look forward to this week (or longer, since I play long sim lives) of staying at Sulani's beaches until nightfall, letting the kids run wild during their time off from school, and calling a babysitter so the parents can party with friends at the clubs.

These are some of the mods I use to enhance this already enjoyable season. There are many more popular ones that belong on this list, like Kawaii Stacie's Explore mod, Flerb's Automatic Sunburns, Little Ms Sam's Holiday Homes and School Holiday, and many more, but these are some little-known mods and favorites that I didn't originally think would suit summer so well.

To start, let's look at some improved beach days....

Beach Activities

Ever wanted to let your kids do something other than build elaborate sand sculptures and lounge at the beach? Especially for toddlers? Around the Sim's functional objects add several new activities for little ones and their families, like bowling on the beach, shoveling in the sand, and more!

Better Sunglasses

I never used the sunglasses before finding these overrides. Even though I love the art style of the Sims 4, these original glasses just looked too goofy for me. Now, my sims can look posh, cool, and adorable.

Aviator Override

MOD Sunglasses Override

Temperature-Immune Vampires

Now your vampires don't have to die as soon as they step outside into the sunlight! Yes, the daylight will still affect them, but with some added reactions and buffs, keeping them trapped inside until nightfall won't be the only kind of life available for them.

Improved Water

I didn't know that the reason why my sims kept autonomously reaching for a glass of water was because they were ACTUALLY thirsty! This mod makes the hidden thirst need visible so you can know when to head over to the fridge, sink, or cooler for something refreshing.

Child of the Ocean Trait for Kids

Have your child sims enjoy the waves as much as the adults who have this trait. Children of the Ocean (who are, indeed, children), love the water, beach trips, and can learn helpful tips from the ocean later in life. (See Expanded Mermaids to find out more).

Realistic Swimming

I never noticed this: sims automatically know how to swim like pros from their first day in the water. Island Living did introduce the idea of becoming a better swimmer, but they all seem to be able to stay afloat with no issues right away. This mod adds fear to new swimmers, especially as they travel out to deeper water. There is no need to be afraid, though! Sims can schedule swimming lessons over the phone and level up their skill so the next time they head to the beach, they can enjoy the water with no risk of drowning.

Toddler Toy Fix

The details are my favorite part about the Sims. Any little bits of lore, hidden worlds, and secret abilities keep my interest, even before I started modding my game. When toddler sims play in the ocean, they whip out a rubber ducky, like they would in the bathtub. This mod changes the duck to a seashell for a more immersive beach-going experience.

Expanded Mermaids

You don't have to be a mermaid to learn from the sea. The maker of Fairies vs. Witches makes the sim mermaids more complex and diverse. Along with their usual abilities, they can now learn to become sea witches, offering contracts to unknowing sims and casting spells. This is not limited to just mermaids, though. Sims with the Child of the Ocean trait can also decipher the magical spellbook to unlock these abilities.

Cool down with some different activities....

Amusement Park

One of the most popular summer trips are now available for your sims! Kawaii Stacie's Explore Mod also allows your sims to travel to theme parks, but this mod by Caradriel allows you to join the fun with your sims. Ride on roller coasters, munch on cotton candy, and take a spin on the merry-go-round for a summer afternoon with family and friends.

Ice Cream from the Fridge

Are you ready to kick back during the heatwave and just sit out in the sun? Grab some ice cream directly from the fridge, either a cone or bowl, and enjoy the heat with a treat.

Fizzy Drinks, Iced Tea and Lemonade from the Fridge

The same modder who unlocked ice cream from the fridge also added drinks! Instead of dropping a few thousand on a machine and searching for specific items to craft fizzy drinks, head over to the kitchen and enjoy them with any meal or an afternoon out by the pool.

Upcoming mod from Adeepindigo

I can't spill the details on this mod since it was announced in a patrons-only post, but I will say it's something that's been very highly anticipated by simmers for a long time! I thought it would be introduced in the Seasons expansion, but this modder is in the process of making it for this summer! Hop over to her Patreon page to read about the news!

Start working during your time off....

Summer Gigs for Kids and Teens

It's never too early to teach young ones the value of the dollar. Send kids off to care for pets, babysit, and help neighbors to earn some pocket money. I like pairing this with the Little Entrepreneur Aspiration and the SNB mod. Even though it doesn't generate an income, Teen Hobbies can still be used to invest in your teens' future by building skills, having fun, and trying new activities.

Kiddoodle Job Listings

One-Time Jobs for Kids and Teens

Teen Hobbies

More Odd Jobs

I love using the odd jobs for my college sims over the summer. While they take a class or two from home, or take off for the whole season, they can make some cash to keep those student loan bills from piling up. The ones listed below add more variety for your talented sims, requiring skills (and interests) not offered in the vanilla game.

Writer Jobs

Animal Jobs

Odd Jobs Pack

Programing Jobs

Adult Romance

Fun Random Jobs

Better, bolder summer...

Nature Mod

If you're looking for a more immersive, visually captivating summer scene, try out Tech Hippie's Nature Mod, a reimagining of the seasons and graphics that make up your sims' world. The trees have more detail, leaves drape over the grass, and the bright sunshine makes even Forgotten Hollow look beautiful.

And now, for those summer nights....

Children Can Light Fires and Fire Dance

The one time you may want your kids around fire! Let the kids enjoy Sulani's festivals by letting them participate in the island's traditional dance, and guide them to light a campfire for their friends afterwards to roast marshmallows and tell stories late into the night.

Invite Anyone to Party

Are you ready to throw your summer bash, but don't quite know all of your neighbors yet (or your extended family, for that matter)? This mod allows you to invite any sim in the known Simverse to your parties (with the add-on), and extends the time of the party. Now, you're guaranteed enough time and guests to earn those gold awards.

University Traits

I didn't think I would love this mod for my sims' summer, but it's come in handy for those parties and college get-togethers. The traits include Sorority Girl and Frat Boy, making your sims more prone to enjoy clubbing (and all the substances that often accompany those lots), and Coffee Addict, making sure your sims have a constant source of energy for this eventful season.

Club Hangouts on Vacation Lots

Why not get away with your crew for a few days? Meet for your usual jam session on a destination lot, or snowboard together while staying at a residential vacation home. This mod allows you to meet for club gatherings anywhere, and expands the possibilities for your hangouts!


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