Microsoft Is Making Some Big Changes

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Microsoft's proposed closure of Lionhead Studios comes as a fairly big shock to fans of Fable.

Microsoft Is Making Some Big Changes

For the past two years, Lionhead Studios has been developing their latest Fable installment, Fable Legends, with an anticipated Spring release. Well, it seems as though all that development and preparation has officially been shelved. Microsoft released an official statement (read it here) that explains the changes being made to Lionhead Studios and Press Play Studios - both European studios.

The proposed closure of Lionhead Studios comes as a fairly big shock to fans of the fictitious land of Albion. After the original Fable was released, fans waited anxiously for the sequels, Fable 2 & Fable 3 released in 2008 & 2010 respectively. Since the release of Fable 3, fans were excited to know that in 2014, Lionhead Studios began working on a brand new iteration, announced as Fable Legends.

Fable Legends was being toted as a brand new adventure in which players could join a team of online players or play singularly with AI filling the additional party roles. The game was set to follow four Heroes and one Villain, from which the main player could choose to fill any role. Fable Legends was going to take the action-RPG series in a completely new direction as it would combine the vast landscape of Albion but would allow for multiplayer gaming and add a new facet to tactics and strategy.

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