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MW3 Zombie: How to kill Storm Caller faster with a crossbow?

MW3 Zombie Guide

By PattonVastPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Storm Caller is a mission boss in Act 3. It is very powerful, and there are many zombies wandering around. If you want to kill it quickly, it is recommended to use a crossbow equipped with thermite bolts and the Napalm Burst ammo mod.

How to unlock the crossbow?

  1. Loot it from a Mercenary Cache in the tier-3 zone, located in Mercenary and Infested Strongholds, as well as in Mercenary Camps. Then, exfil with the crossbow to unlock it and use it in future runs.
  2. Have a friend in your party who has the crossbow in their loadout drop it for you in-game, allowing you to exfil with it.
  3. Get 50 Longshot Kills with Marksman Rifles to unlock it.

Once unlocked, you can equip it as your ensured weapon and use it in the MW3 Multiplayer mode.

For more Longshot Kills, please go to the MW3 Bot Lobby.

Perks settings

Setting up perks is crucial to creating a strong foundation for gameplay.

  • Acquiring the Tombstone is essential as it contains valuable items that enhance the loadout.
  • Cannot stress enough how important Speed Cola, Deadshot Daiquiri, and PhD are with this setup. They'll be the difference between living and dying with this weapon.

Weapon combinations and upgrades

Combining different enhancements and enhancing the weapon with powerful ammo mods, such as the Napalm Burst ammo mod, further augments its effectiveness and maximizes the weapon's potential. Adding the Napalm Burst mod to the crossbow potentially makes it even more powerful.

To unlock more ammo modules, please go to MW3 Boosting.

Use the Blaze 20-in bolts, which are thermite-tipped bolts that deliver exceptional damage. This loadout is deemed as the "fire bow." The combination of thermite bolts and the Napalm Burst ammo mod is a key factor in unleashing the crossbow's exceptional power.

Utilize the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade the weapon to tier three. Upgrade the weapon's rarity to enhance its overall performance, significantly boosting its damage output and capabilities.

Take advantage of weapon drops from defeated enemies to replenish ammo and sustain continuous usage of the upgraded weapon. Improve the efficiency of obtaining ammunition from enemies, enabling sustained effectiveness in combat.

The Storm Caller drops the Gold Skull Cryo Freeze, which can be sold for 5,000 points. This resource can further enhance the player's loadout and increase their combat capabilities.


If you space out your shots with the bolts rather than to spam, you'll do more damage and conserve ammo. The damage comes from the thermite, not the actual bolt. If you space it out to continuously burn it's less than half the ammo.

It doesn't matter how many times you pack-a-punch too because all the damage comes from the thermite tip.

Ammo drops from Zombies that you kill. The only restock you need is your decoys.

If you use PHD, you won't take any burn damage from the bolts. That can be a lifesaver in situations where you get swarmed in a small area. The grenade launcher in pap 3 is the best. If you can do it correctly, you won't go down even in area 3.

Stormcaller solo tip: you just farm his minions in order to charge your energy mine, and that pop that on the boss. It will shred him and the remaining zombies. Repeat that like 4 times and you good to go EZ mode.

PRO Desciple tip: ALWAYS BREAK LINE OF SIGHT as soon as possible when he uses his hand to suck your health. That is what heals him very very fast.

For more guides on killing Storm Caller, please refer to - MW3 Zombies Act 3 Mission Best Completion Tips.

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