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COD MW3 Zombies Act 1 Mission Tips and Walkthrough

MW3 Zombies Guide

By PattonVastPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

MW3 Zombies Act 1 mission guide, reproduced from

Task 1: Direct Line

- Objective: Ping a contract in the TAC map, activate it, find an Xfill point, call in the Xfill helicopter, and let it Xfill you to complete the mission.

- Walkthrough: Press the back button on your controller or map binding on your keyboard to access the TAC map, hover over one of the contract icons, and ping it by pressing up on the d-pad or the key bind on your keyboard. Activate the contract, find an Xfill point, call in the Xfill helicopter, and let it Xill you to complete the mission.

Task 2: Treasure Hunter

- Objective: Open 25 loot caches.

- Walkthrough: Run around the map, enter buildings, and open any loot cache you find. You can always find a guaranteed cache within an Ean Nest and completing strongholds.

Task 3: Road Rage

- Objective: Find a vehicle, kill 30 zombies by running them over, and repair one tire.

- Walkthrough: Find a vehicle and drive around the map to kill 30 zombies by running them over. To repair one vehicle tire, shoot one of the tires until it goes flat, then go up to the tire and hold your interact prompt to repair it.

Task 4: Wall Power

- Objective: Buy a weapon Off the Wall, mark it all over the TAC map as pistol icons, and kill 50 zombies with that weapon.

- Walkthrough: Complete a contract or two and have enough money to buy a weapon Off the Wall. Once you've bought the weapon, kill 50 zombies with it.

Task 5: Firepower

- Objective: Pack-A-Punch your weapon to level one and kill 50 zombies with that weapon.

- Walkthrough: Complete contracts until you have 5,000 MW3 cheap CP, then open your TAC map and go over to the marker for the Pack-a-Punch machine. Interact with it; for 5,000 points, it will upgrade your weapon to level one Pack-a-Punch. Alternatively, find a crystal that will allow you to pack-A-punch your gun to level one. Use that Pack-a-Punch weapon to kill 50 zombies.

Task 6: Freezer Burn

- Objective: Slow 50 zombies with the Cryofreeze ammo mod on a weapon, and slow 10 Hellhounds with the Cryofreeze ammo mod.

- Walkthrough: Complete infested strongholds to find the Cryofreeze ammo mod. Please put it on a weak weapon and shoot zombies in the legs to slow them down. Slow 10 Hellhounds with the Cryofreeze ammo mod by going to the medium threat zone and shooting them in the legs.

A previous mission rewards you with a cryofreeze ammo mod, so save that until you get to the next mission where it's needed.

The easiest way to cryofreeze the dogs is to go to the tier 2 area and start a raid weapon stash. Stay far enough away from the safe, and it will continuously spawn zombies and dogs, and it won't fail the mission. It will spawn 2 dogs at a time. Just running around the map to find them only works some of that well.

Put cryofreeze rounds on a weak shotgun because the chance of slowing is based on shots hitting the zombies, and with a shotgun, each shell has several hits, massively increasing the chance of freezing. I used the MX Guardian from MWII, and almost every shell froze a zombie to the point. It works with any ammo mod; if you want it to pop regularly, always use a shotty and try to make as many pellets land as possible.

To unlock more Ammo Mods Schematics, please go to MW3 Zombies Boosting.

Task 7: M Slayer

- Objective: Kill 25 zombies and 25 mercenaries with the Energy Mine Field upgrade.

- Walkthrough: Charge up the Energy Mine Field upgrade by killing zombies. Use it to kill zombies and mercenaries. Complete the Defend Ground Station contract to spawn AI and use the Energy Mine Field upgrade to kill them.

Task 8: Pit Stop

- Objective: Fully refuel three different vehicles at gas stations on the map.

- Walkthrough: Find three vehicles and bring them to a gas station. Sit in the vehicle to let it fully refuel.

Task 9: Sabot

- Objective: Complete an Ether Extractor contract, kill 15 mercenaries guarding the extractor, shoot down a reinforcement helicopter, and Xfill with the uncommon EAAL plans.

- Walkthrough: Activate the Ether Extractor contract and turn off the rockets linked to the five different Ether extractors. Kill the mercenaries guarding the extractor. Shoot down a reinforcement helicopter by opening a mercenary stronghold—Xfill with the uncommon EAAL plans.

Task 10: Hands Off

- Objective: Kill 20 zombies with sentry guns, then kill ten mercenaries with sentry guns, and pick up the cipher tablet.

- Walkthrough: Purchase sentry guns from the buy station and place them strategically to kill the required number of zombies and mercenaries. Pick up the cipher tablet dropped by the last mercenary.

Task 11: Bring Them On

- Objective: Kill 50 zombies with the Frenzy Guard field upgrade, then kill a special or elite enemy with the Frenzy Guard field upgrade active.

- Walkthrough: Put on the Frenzy Guard field upgrade before entering the game. Train up zombies at the Xfill point to fill the field upgrade. Once filled, use it to kill 50 zombies. Then, find a special zombie like a Mangler or a mimic in the medium threat zone. Alternatively, go into an infested stronghold and shoot the spores to spawn a mimic. Activate your field upgrade, shoot, and kill the special or elite enemy within the time frame.

Task 12: Hostile Takeover

- Objective: Loot three safes across the map and kill 50 enemies while drilling safes in Zombies.

- Walkthrough: Complete raid weapon stash contracts and kill zombies while the safe is drilling. Be cautious, as you have to be the one to open the safes for the progression to count.

Task 13: Chaperon

- Objective: Complete an escort contract in Zombies on your TAC map by activating it and killing 75 zombies during the escort.

- Walkthrough: Activate the escort contract on the TAC map, then kill 75 zombies while escorting the ACV.

Task 14: Blasted

- Objective: Destroy armor on 25 zombies using the Shatter Blast ammo mod and acquire a cipher tablet.

- Walkthrough: Find the Shatter Blast ammo mod inside infested strongholds by clearing them and searching the crates within. Train up zombies at the Xfill point and shoot them with your Shatter Blast weapon. Any zombie that has the word "armored" within its name counts for this challenge. Once completed, acquire the cipher tablet.

Task 15: Infiltrator

- Objective: Obtain a stronghold key card, go to a Terminus outcome stronghold, unlock the front door, clear all of the mercenary AI inside, and retrieve the Terminus Outcomes record.

- Walkthrough: Obtain a stronghold key card by clearing a mercenary camp or buying one from the buy station. Go to a Terminus Outcome stronghold, unlock the front door with the key card, clear all of the mercenary AI inside, and retrieve the Terminus Outcomes record from the safe.

Task 16: Automated Backup

- Objective: Activate three Deadbolt turrets with ammo mod circuit boards.

- Walkthrough: Find ammo mod circuit boards inside infested strongholds by clearing them and searching the crates within. Find three Deadbolt turrets on the big TAC map and place one of the ammo mod circuit boards in each of them.

Task 17: The Long Game

- Objective: Survive 20 rounds in Zombies.

- Walkthrough: Survive 20 rounds in Zombies. Use the points you earn to buy weapons, perks, and upgrades to help you survive. Be cautious and strategic in your gameplay.


Use a riot shield to protect your back in the last mission.

Merc energy mine kills: medium threat deliver cargo, 3 spawn next to the delivery vehicle in a garage. Please open the door not in front of the car, quickly peek them to see where they are, and fire into them.

To simplify shooting down heli, just load into the game with an LMG with incendiary rounds.

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