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'League of Legends' Dev Apologizes For Shockingly Inappropriate Smack Talk About Tyler1

by Dustin Murphy 5 years ago in celebrities
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Rutledge came out and said the unexpected during a chat on the official public 'League of Legends' Discord channel.

[Credits: Tyler1]

Let's face it, we all have met a toxic gamer. One that's so toxic that they've become quite notorious for their antics. The type of antics Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is known for.

In recent years Riot's smash-hit MOBA title #LeagueofLegends has seen its fair amount of controversy, mainly surrounding a single player. That player just happens to be the ever-so-infamous Tyler1, a man known globally for being one of the game's best players, but also its most repulsive.

Old Tyler1 [Credits: Tyler1]

For Riot's Aaron "Sanjuro" Rutledge, enough is enough. Rutledge came out and said the unexpected during a chat on the official public League of Legends Discord channel. Sanjuro was caught stating that "honestly.. it's fine, he'll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids.. Then we'll be gucci."

For those of you who don't know, "gucci" means okay. This being that Rutledge believes it to be okay were Tyler1 to die. You can check out the screen shot below.

[Credits: CringeAnarchy/IMGUR]

Riot Sanjuro took to Reddit to defend his actions.

Reddit is a complex place. A few of us on there love to use it as a way to gain information or discuss the things we're passionate about. Some of us even use it to vent our frustrations on whatever the matter at hand is. For some people, it's a place you go to justify your actions. For Aaron Rutledge it's where you go to defend your questionable actions.

[Credits: Reddit]

He decided to state that he doesn't "speak for the company on live chat.. I'm my own person."

While his statements are well noted, it doesn't help his case while running the Riot name and banner. Did Rutledge not learn anything from PewDiePie's most recent fiasco? Or did he figure the internet would ignore his statement all around?

Tyler1 responds with no hard feelings.

Whether you like Tyler1 or not, he has been working hard at changing his ways. As some say, out with the old and in with the new. This has been the case for Tyler1 in recent months. His trolling hasn't been outrageous and this weekend he even managed to show some restraint when responding to Rutledge's words.

Image via Twitter

Unfortunately for Rutledge, it doesn't seem that his apology may help him as Riot has already responded to his actions, and stated that they will be working to punish Rutledge for his doings.

While Rutledge has apologized to the community as well as Tyler 1, his bosses at Riot have since responded. The company has stated that they will be "taking action internally to address" the incident.

[Credit: Reddit]

Although they can't disclose the punishment, Riot is known for taking matters seriously. This has been the case for Tyler1 since 2016, and any account he makes is almost automatically banned when caught. Even with this past weekend's events, the chances of Tyler1 being taken off their ban list is probably next to none due to his past actions.

If Riot sticks to their guns in how they punished Tyler1, we can rest assured that the company will be working to punish Rutledge just as hard, and even working with Tyler1 in some way to sort out this PR nightmare they have found themselves in.

(Source: Reddit)


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