Just a Normal Pokemon Ranger

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My Wilderness Themed Pokemon Team

Just a Normal Pokemon Ranger

A few months ago, I posted two teams that I would use if I were Pokemon Champion. These teams were not defined by a single type, but were built around specific themes relating to my love of literature.

If you have not read the articles feel free to use the links below to do so:

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To change things up and to take a short reprieve from my Book of Dark & Wicked Things anthology I have decided to return to Pokemon once again, but with a twist, instead of a diverse Champion's team, I would design a team built around a single type.

The type was hard to settle on until I started thinking about what Pokemon I wanted to use. I found this much simpler, I recently returned from a camping trip at a lake in the mountains and found myself gravitating toward Pokemon that I feel could be found where I was staying.

So the decision was made, I would make a Wilderness-themed Pokemon team. The Pokemon that came to mind immediately were Ursaring, Bibarel, and Sawsbuck, so the type I decided to focus on is Normal-type.


Before we get into the list there are some disclaimers I want to address.

  1. This team will not be competitively viable, it is meant to function as an in-game NPC Elite Four member team.
  2. This is my list of Pokemon that I would use, your list will be different which is fine. But please respect my choices.
  3. I will not be posting move lists, abilities, held items, etc. I will only be listing the Pokemon on my roster.
  4. The team will be like the E4 teams of old, one type, five Pokemon max.
  5. I narrowed the list to one Pokemon per generation. I like to avoid having a single generation over-represented.

Now let's get into the team!


I am confident a lot of people will laugh at this one, but I don't care.

The lake I stay at when I camp, pictured in the main photo for this article, has several beaver dams on the opposite shore, including a large one which caused the other side of the lake to become marshy.

A beaver is a perfect choice for the team, and Bibarel and its pre-evolution are the sole beaver Pokemon.


Heliolisk may seem like an odd fit for a wildness team, but there are amphibians like frogs, toads and salamanders where I stay. In fact, I have a funny story about a frog. This year I had my site right on the shore of the lake. I was helping one of my sisters set up her tent while our younger nephew played nearby.

I noticed a frog hopping through the site and pointed it out to my nephew who proceeded to harass the poor creature, despite my sister's and I's best attempts to get him to stop. The frog must've gotten frustrated and jumped into my nephew's face who fell backward into my tent. It. Was. HILARIOUS.


When Gen 2 was released I was eager to play through Johto, and one of my most memorable encounters was with a Teddiursa. I unfortunately did not catch it, as I was out of Pokeballs, but Teddiursa and Ursaring became one of my favorite memories of playing through Pokemon Gold.

While bears do not have a constant presence around the lake I camp at, they do wander in from time to time. It isn't rare, but it still prompts the campground to make you sign a bear agreement, as to how you handle and store food while there, so not to attract them.


I have to be honest, Gen 5 is my least favorite generation to date. I was not a fan of Unova and disliked most of the Pokemon designs. Sawsbuck is among the few Unova Pokemon I actually like and it fits my team well.

The area where I camp has a large deer population, it's so large that we have a set precendent that once the sun begins to set we are to stay in the campground unless there's an emergency. Why? Because once the sun begins setting the deer come out in force.


Owls are not common where I camp, but they are there. The lake is home to many species of birds, including ducks, loons, wood peckers, crows, and so many more, but it is Noctowl I want on my team.

I love using Hoothoot and Noctowl on my play throughs of Johto, its ability to take a hit and its access to Psychic and Special moves makes it the perfect fit for the team.

Steve Brewer
Steve Brewer
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