A Fairy Tale: My 'Pokemon' Champion Team

by Steve Brewer II 6 months ago in nintendo

The Pokemon team I would use if I was the Pokemon Champion.

A Fairy Tale: My 'Pokemon' Champion Team

I have been playing Pokemon since the beginning, my sisters still lament how I would "take over the tv each day to watch Pokemon." Guilty as charged on that one, I was completely enthralled by the series and followed it closely for many years. After playing Ruby and Sapphire, I began taking breaks before returning to play through the new generations that were released.

By far the games have been my favorite part of the series, I love the feeling of going on an adventure with the character and the Pokemon I catch along the way. It is interesting to see how my team would take shape as we progressed together, and eventually become Champion of the region.

I have often wondered what team I would use if I were to actually become the Champ. The team I settled upon takes inspiration from my love of reading and writing, and is based on the fairy tale sub of fantasy.

Before we get into the team a few disclaimers:

  1. This team is for in-game only, it is not intended to be "competitively viable," nor am I claiming it to be.
  2. I narrowed the team to one Pokemon per Generation. Why? I wanted to have as many of the Generations represented as I could. Besides, my list, my neuroticisms.
  3. I did not construct move lists and will not be specifying natures, abilities, or held items.

With that out of the way let's get into the list!

Salazzle: The Evil Witch

I will be honest, I have yet to play through an Alola game, in fact I have yet to play anything from Gen Six or Gen Seven. I have been keeping up with the series online but just do not have access to a 3DS to play the games.

I do feel Salazzle would be the perfect fit for the Evil Witch. She has the aesthetic that screams villain and the typing to back it up. Poison and Fire just seems like a devious typing to me, getting STAB on moves that can then in turn burn or poison the opponent is downright diabolical.

Dusknoir: The Witch's Henchman

I really enjoyed playing through Sinnoh, particularly the evolutions it brought us four Pokemon introduced in previous generations. Dusknoir is my favorite of these, I loved Duskull when it was introduced in Hoenn, but did not like Dusclops. Ghost is my favorite type and I could see myself walking around with a Duskull, but I hated how they handled its evolution. Then Dusknoir came and renewed my love for the entire line.

Dusknoir looks the part of an Evil Henchman, and its Ghost typing gives it access to moves that I could see a witch's henchman having. It's high defenses and typing makes it hard for an opponent to drop, combine this with its fine attack and access to the elemental punches for coverage makes it a perfect addition to my team. I only wish it had the Iron Fist ability to give it a better edge.

Noivern: The Witch's Pet

As I stated above I have yet to play through Kalos, but damn did I fall for Noivern. Dragon is one of my favorite types in the game and Noivern looks like Count Dracula mid-transformation. A Pokemon that appeals to my love of Dragon-type Pokemon and horror films is a win-win for me.

Noivern fits the role of the witch's familiar perfectly. At the beginning of the fairy tale, it is still a Noibat that follows the Witch around, but when the Prince/Knight confronts the Witch she transforms Noibat into Noivern.

Blissey: The Fairy Godmother

I have mixed feelings about Chansey dating back to my Pokemon Red days, I was never able to catch one in the Safari Zone which frustrated me to no end. This changed in Pokemon Gold when I was finally able to capture a Chansey in the post-game and, eventually, got it to evolve into Blissey.

Blissey is the quintessential Fairy Godmother of the Pokemon world, its healing moves represent the spells and good deeds Fairy Godmothers are known to do in fairy tales. It also looks the part of a Fairy Godmother.

Escavalier: The Knight In Shining Armor

It took me FOREVER to get around to playing any of the Unova games, the first play-through I did was Black 2 and I did it last spring. I wanted an Escavalier pretty bad, I had an extra DS but couldn't bring myself to purchase a copy of White 2, White or Black. One Unova game was enough.

Escavalier is literally a knight in shining armor, which is why I selected it for the role of Knight in Shining Armor. A Pokemon with a helmet and lances for arms? It's like they knew I was going to make this list and would need a Pokemon knight.

Mega Gardevoir: The Princess

I remember when I first played through Hoenn... I know, I know, yet ANOTHER story. I'm conceited and full of long-winded stories, you've made it this far into the article, why you questioning me now? LOL, JK. But I was always jealous Wally got a Ralts so easily and it took me nothing short of selling my soul to find one for myself.

The transformation of Gardevoir to Mega Gardevoir fits the transformation of many fairy tale princesses when they go from rags to riches. I mean just look at them, Gardevoir is beautiful but it becomes so regal when it mega evolves.

How does it work?
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