The Divine Pokemon Comedy: My Backup Pokemon Champion Team

by Steve Brewer 12 months ago in nintendo

The Second team I would choose if I were Pokemon Champion.

The Divine Pokemon Comedy: My Backup Pokemon Champion Team

A few months ago I published an article that detailed the Pokemon team I would use if I were Pokemon Champion, the truth is there was another team I was also contemplating but ultimately went with the Fairy-Tale themed team.

If you haven't read about my Fairy-Tale theme click here to read the original article.

As I stated in my Fairy-Tale team article I am a writer and a lover of fantasy. I love reading the great works from around the world and I hold a special love for Dante's Divine Comedy. I read The Inferno during a camping trip and quickly worked my way through Purgatory and Paradise afterward.

I feel it is time to merge my love of the Divine Comedy with my love for Pokemon, so here is my Pokemon Champion team that is based on the Divine Comedy but first a few disclaimers:

  1. This team is for in-game only, it is not intended to be "competitively viable," nor am I claiming it to be.
  2. I did not construct move lists and will not be specifying natures, abilities, or held items.

With that out of the way let's get into the list!

Inferno - Drapion

Dante began his journey by visiting Hell, so Hell is the first stop for us. Representing Hell for my team is Drapion, the Dark and Poison Ogre Scorpion Pokemon from Sinnoh is one of the Inferno's enforcers. Drapion stands guard throughout Hell and helps ensure that no one escapes their punishment.

Quick side note: I have always loved Drapion's design but have never used one during a playthrough of Sinnoh. I guess I will have to play Diamond, Pearl or Platinum again!

Purgatory - Aegislash

Next, Dante and Virgil visited Purgatory making it our second stop as well. Representing Purgatory for my team is Aegislash, the Steel and Ghost Royal Sword Pokemon from Kalos stands guard throughout Purgatory. Aegislash watches over the souls in its charge only switching into Blade Form when attacked.

Another quick sidenote: I have yet to play a Gen 6, but if I did Aegislash would be one of the main reasons. Ghost is my favorite type of Pokemon and Steel is in my top five favorites, so a Pokemon that combines both types into one would be amazing to use.

Paradise - Togekiss

The last stop for Dante on his journey is Paradise and it is our last stop as well. Representing Paradise for my team is Togekiss, the Fairy and Flying Jubilee Pokemon from Sinnoh carries the heaven-bound souls to Paradise. Togekiss also repels would-be trespassers from entering Paradise if they are not meant for heaven.

Virgil - Haxorus

Virgil met the lost Dante and guided him through all the levels of Inferno and Purgatory. To me, no soul is inherently evil, we are capable of good or evil but let our free will decide which we act on. For this reason I did not want to choose a Dark type, I wanted another Pokemon that looked the part of guide of Hell and Purgatory. Haxorus fits the bill and pulls its weight perfectly.

Beatrice - Blissey

At Paradise Virgil leaves Dante and Beatrice takes the role of his guide. She shows him through Paradise and who better to be a guide of heaven than Blissey? The Happiness Pokemon and evolved form of Chansey is the perfect Pokemon to guide Dante through Paradise.

Dante - Mega Alakazam

Finally, we get to the main man himself. I went through many iterations of this list, yet each I did not change the fact that I wanted a Mega for Dante and Mega Alakazam was always at the top of my list for contenders. While Dante admittedly had no spoons floating around him Mega Alakazam is still the Pokemon I think of when I think of wandering poets who can venture into Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

Steve Brewer
Steve Brewer
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