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I Strongly Advocate for Tarkov's New AUG

It's really good, actually.

By JirasuPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

One of the most exciting additions that come with new patches in Tarkov, are all the new guns and attachments that usually coincide with a new patch. Ideally, we get two or three new weapons; sometimes more, sometimes less. But patch 0.13 was a solid one for new weapons. The RSH-12, the ASH-12 revolver which is basically a pocket monster, the SR-2, a new potential rival to the MP7 in terms of the king of SMG’s. And my personal favorite this wipe, one that I have been waiting a long time ever since I learned it would make it to the game: the AUG. In fact, we got two versions of it: the A-1, and A-3 versions respectively. While I haven’t used the other two guns because I’m not high enough of a level to run them effectively, I have been all over the AUG; especially since I've hit Peacekeeper level 3. I was really curious how it would perform and what was available to customize on it. And overall, my thoughts are positive. Much better to say when compared to something like the G36 where it was very rough when it initially released. Either way, the AUG has really caught my attention and has been the primary gun in my hands whenever I get the chance to run it (I've been doing punisher so my gear options have been limited recently, but since getting to part 4 it’s been my go-to weapon for that part of shoreline.)

So, the base version of the AUG, the A1, can be bought at Peackeeper level 2 for a little under $600 USD (at least that’s what I hope it is considering when I went to go look at his prices, they were all inflated again). And while this version is definitely not as modular as the A3 version, technically, there’s a little trick you can do to make it that way, but we’ll get to that later. The base gun, has 62 ergo, which is actually a lot more than I was expecting it to have considering there isn’t much you can do it in terms of customization. It also has 63 vert and 211 horizontal recoil, which I've learned over the years the more they change the game the less these numbers actually mean. But one thing to note about the recoil is how much horizontal it actually does have when shooting. It's unusual when we are so accustomed to guns that are not best in slot shooting into the sky after one a couple rounds. This gun will throw you off the first time you use it, and it definitely takes a little practice to adjust to how it fires. But once you do, it kind of feels like any other weapon. It also has an interesting rate of fire: 715 RPM. More than most AK variants, but not as fast as something like an M4, but what this does mean is it’s going to be more reliable in close quarters when in full auto than something like an AK at around 650 RPM. This is a smaller point, but the bulp-up configuration with the mag behind the trigger means the gun is shorter than a lot of other rifles, meaning it will be easier to handle when inside tight buildings and you won’t get the dreaded gun point to the side when you need to take someone out. Both versions of the AUG come with a 1.5x scope already on the weapon, and while it certainly won’t win any awards for the best scope, it is very easy to use and also has built in rear iron sights on the top rail, again, even if they aren’t amazing. All the necessary parts are there, you just have to use and get used to them.

Now, for the A3 version, there isn’t much different in regards to this weapon. The stats are very similar, but the A3 does have better stats, if by only a small margin. 68 egro, 61 vert, and 205 horizontal recoil. So not a huge difference, but still, it’s better. The scope is also better too, it has rails for an actual red dot that can sit on top of the 1.5x scope, so that technically makes it better as well. Where the A3 variant shines, is its ability to swap out the build in scope for any optic of your choice. This is why you would upgrade from the A1 to A3; having your own scope makes this gun a million times easier to use in general. And personally, I’ve been running the small compact prism, the 2x, and it’s been really working out for me. But, let’s say you don’t want to buy the A3 AUG, can you change the scope on the A1 version? Actually yes, you can. Once you get peackeeper level 3, and you get all the extra parts that would normally go on the A3 variant, by swapping out the receiver on the A1 for the more modular A3 version, you can basically turn the basic AUG into a tricked out one. It has its own suppressors as well, but you can buy a muzzle attachment that lets you equip any 556 suppressor you like, making the AUG even more flexible than some weapons. The only thing you can’t do to the AUG I wish we really could, is switch out the foregrip that is attached to the gun. Being able to put something like an RVG on the gun would make it just that much more effective. Maybe in the future there would some rails that go on the bottom, but who knows, the fact we get to do as much as we can says a lot and more than other guns unfortunately, sorry Benelli.

The AUG isn’t the best gun in the game, and most likely will never be. But it’s a very fun and interesting weapon that can be bought on a budget, and if you manage to survive some raids and make a little money, can be upgraded and transformed into a very powerful weapon. It's not perfect and certainly has its own problems, the bizarre recoil being probably the number one factor as to why people might be hesitant to try it, but I implore you to give this weapon a go and see what happens. It can be bought on the flea for sometimes cheaper than PK’s asking price, and again, keeping our reinvestment conversation in the back of our minds, if you survive a couple of raids and have PK 3 unlocked, then you can really make the AUG much more effective and enjoyable to use overall. Let me know in the comments if you have used this gun and what your thoughts on it are. Do you enjoy it? Think it’s awful, potential meta gun? Be sure to sound off in the comment section, and please if you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe for more videos about new guns in Tarkov and if they are usable or not. Also, apologies for my voice, I’ve been sick for the last week now and am feeling better enough to not only actual have a voice, but be able to use it for these voice overs. I hope to see you in future ones.

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