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Helmet Flashlights in Tarkov Work (And They Are Awsome)

Let there be light!

By JirasuPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

This story is NOT AI generated. It was created in Microsoft Word and meant to be the foundation for a YouTube video which can be found here:

Tarkov’s helmets have a level of customization that isn’t very prevalent in a lot of modern shooters. The focus is primarily around the weapons you wield, and the operator's you pilot. And with that comes skins for those characters which alter their looks in a variety of ways. But specifically modifying the look of a helmet in most games is not usually a priority. This is once again, why Tarkov can stand out from a sea of other shooting games. Not every helmet, but a surprising amount have a layer of modularity to them. More of the fancier, more expensive helmets allow you to add additional parts to them. Whether that is additional plating for more protection, a specific set of headphones, face shields; it’s awesome how you can get so specific with the gear you want your character to load into a raid with. And for some time now, helmet mounted flashlights have actually been in the game and functional. Well... sort of. It’s a little complicated. But with patch 13.5, BSG made them fully realized, and it’s such a little thing, but man is it cool to have a flashlight on that isn’t equipped to your gun. So, let’s go over the full implementation of helmet lights in Tarkov and why this is a great addition to the game.

Many helmets in Tarkov have these picatinny on the sides of them, allowing for some auxiliary parts to be added to the helmet. And for a while, they ultimately had no purpose in the game other than being accurate to their real-life counter parts. However, and I can’t remember exactly when this was added, but at some point, BSG added mounts for the sides of these helmets, that allowed for flashlights and other tactical devices to be seated right on the helmet itself. The problem was, for a long time these were only found in raid. Which meant, if you wanted to mess around with a light on your helmet, you were paying ludicrous prices because they could not be bought from vendors, and people who put them up on the flea saw it as an opportunity to make a lot of money. Another problem with the helmet lights were that they were incredibly gimmicky. What I mean is that you could put the light on your helmet, however, you couldn’t turn the light on when it was attached to your helmet. Because the system wasn’t implemented fully into the game. It was genuinely half-assed for a while. So, you had to attach the light to a weapon, turn it on while it’s on the gun, then take it off and attach it to your helmet. Now, you have a working flashlight on your head. But now there’s another problem: you can’t turn it off. And what was worse honestly, is that the angle of the light, for some bizarre reason, was pointed towards the ground instead of the center of your screen like you’d want it to be. So, you’d have to free look up towards the ceiling to get the right angle. It was weird, stupid, and again, gimmicky.

Luckily, this is not the case anymore. Many flashlights can be added directly to the helmet so long as they have any ring mounts necessary to function on a rifle. And I got to say, they look really cool when you inspect your character and see a light on the side of their helmet. Why would you want to do this instead of just attaching it to your helmet? I honestly don’t know. It looks cool, it works now. I guess ergonomics could be one reason. Oh, another one would be because the weapon you are using can’t attach flashlights. That’s definitely the main reason. If you have something like a Mosin, or the new SVT in your hands which are very basic in their modifications, you can’t add lights to those guns, at least early on for the Mosin. But a helmet light fixes that. And it can be turned off and on with no issues, and the angle is almost perfect.

Some lights behave a little differently in this regard. I have tried a handful of lights on helmets to see which ones get the angle on your screen as close to the center, and it seems like bigger flashlights are closer to being right in the middle. For example, the Armytek Predator flashlight is probably the best option for having the light source really close to the center of the screen. The Zenit Klesch-2U light is also another solid choice because it has the largest beam of light compared to all the tactical devices that have a light source. Personally, I would stay away from the BalderPro flashlight, because it really points towards the ground as you can see by the extra laser being on as well. These are just a few of the lights on offer. I haven’t experimented with all the options in the game because I only have level 2 traders, and some of them are expensive on the market, but don’t be afraid to go offline and mess around with whatever you think might be a good fit. Some lights are better for different situations and locations. The Zenit 2U might be the best for factory, while the Armytek might be most suited for outdoors during peak nighttime hours. And I’m sure there are other options that have their roles now that lights are more easily usable on helmets.

I’m just glad this got added to the game proper. For a while we just flat out didn’t have it and it was kind of a missed opportunity. Of course, not everyone is going to take advantage of this new mechanic. Which is a shame, because there are tons of use cases for lights on helmets. If your gun can’t run one, use a helmet that can. The 6B47 is 33k rubles from Prapor level 1 and can be bartered for with two bleaches. So, it doesn’t take much for your illumination ability to go way up. No longer do you always need to be rummaging around in the dark, completely unaware of the omega gigachad that is actively trying to hunt you down for their insomnia quest kills. And that’s not the only helmet that can use this to full effect. My only question so far, and I don’t have an answer for it yet, is can you attach both a helmet and face shield at the same time? If you can’t, that wouldn’t surprise me. But if you can, then all I see in front of me is new opportunities for helmets to really become even more effective than they already currently are. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch this video. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on attachable lights to helmets are and be sure to subscribe for more videos about the newest and coolest additions to Tarkov as they enter the game. I hope to see you in future ones.

*This story is NOT AI generated. It was created in Microsoft Word and meant to be the foundation for a YouTube video which can be found here: *

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  • Alex H Mittelman 8 months ago

    Fantastic work! Good job!

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