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First-Team Dossier: The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family

Werewolf Supplement Game Guide

By Little AlicePublished about a year ago 3 min read
by Clinton Boomer

First-Team Dossier: The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family

Released by Storytellers Vault

Written by Clinton Boomer

Not so sleepy suburbia

This supplement guide gives you a team of characters to add into your game play with either Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition or Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family in the First-Team Dossier is meant to be the classic "white picket fence, apple pie American Family", except complete horrors when you scrape the paint off. Beneath the exterior of a perfect suburban family is an ancient vampire, a Normalite, a cyborg juggernaut, and a Crinos (were-ape), with a Ferectoi as their commanding officer. A terrifying bunch to say the least.

Villains are meant to be bad

"Villains are villains" is a great opener in the disclaimer for this game. It's important to remember that in games the big baddies are meant to be "bad". In a fun character twist, The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family can be considered the villains or the "heroes" of your story. The guide is delightfully upfront about these characters having less than heroic qualities.

The organization that holds all the cards

At the start of the guide, there are some fun reports from the official organization "Pentex" that give you background on what exactly these characters do, and possibly what your players will be up against. These descriptions are colorful with a lot of dark humor. Those that prefer a more "badass" and crude style game will absolutely love The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family.

A great example of the game flavor is this excerpt from one of their "Incident Reports":

"Let’s cut straight to it: I’ll be god damned if I can tell you what, precisely, this cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs bastard is actually trying to build in his fucking basement..."

It's in-your-face, unapologetic, and chock full of fun, rough language. Even the character descriptions include anecdotes about how all the team members would murder each other at the first opportunity, as well as the madness simmering just beneath the surface.

With a codename like "Daddy-Monkey" you know this character is bananas

The overall team description, along with each detailed character description, reveals just how far the madness goes with ridiculous codenames like "Slugger" and "Butt-Breath". This supplement guide does not disappoint. Beyond the silliness, these characters do give opportunities for players to learn more about the Wyrm, the world, and the lore. "Slugger" is noted to have an extreme obsession with the lore of Black Spiral Dancers, which gives the Game Master and players opportunities to learn more, to interject homebrew lore, and just have fun with the storyline. The origins for each of these characters are fairly general, giving opportunity for growing their backstories, as well as the possibility of introducing new characters and conflicts to the mix.

A great guide for easy plug and play

The First-Team Dossier guide is a great plug and play as it details all the nitty gritty specs players and the Game Master need to know. Everything from soaking dice details to their attributes and equipment. Nothing is left to the imagination when it comes to how to run a game with these characters (whether with or against). While some knowledge of the larger world is required (or at least having the main Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition game guide on hand), players will be able to navigate gameplay just as easily as with any standard guide.

Overall, this guide is a hellova lotta fun with zany characters and plenty of fodder for outlandish conflict. Players can get burnt out with the "super serious" campaigns and a goofball fest like The Star Spangled All-American Nuclear Family is sure to bring that spark of raucous fun back to your game group.

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Written By: Clinton Boomer

Developed By: Clinton Boomer

Produced By: Josh Heath

Edited By: Josh Heath

Layout By: Josh Heath

Art By: Dylan Hanny, Andrea Payne, and Stock Art from Pixabay

Cover By: Dylan Hanny

Photos by Pixabay:

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