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Covert Movement is Broken in Tarkov and it makes me Sad.


By JirasuPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Since the beginning of patch 0.13, there were so many changes and additions to Tarkov, it was difficult to keep track of everything new and different. Obviously, one of the biggest things that was added was Streets. A brand-new map will always be exciting, regardless of what the map is or what the goals are for the player to experience while in the map. But one other thing was changed, that has had an overall massive impact on the gameplay experience within Tarkov, and it’s the audio. The removal of Steam audio, and its new replacement of Oculus audio has been somewhat of a trepidatious adventure for Tarkov as a whole. We really didn’t know how good we had it until they give you something that’s so... so much worse. I can’t think of a time where Tarkov’s audio was this atrocious. And for once, the community at large agrees with this sentiment; we all want steam audio and Tarkov’s old base audio system back if this is what we are going to be stuck with. Now, I’m sure that BSG knows how bad the situation is, but the fact we haven’t heard them acknowledge it in any capacity as far as I am aware of, speaks volumes about how in the dark we actually are with these kinds of things. But if it wasn’t bad enough that audio in general is scuffed beyond belief, specifically, covert movement in the game as of patch 0.13 is fundamentally broken, and it’s extremely unfortunate.

I’ve talked about covert movement in the past before in a previous video, and in that video, I mainly go over what covert movement is, how to level the skill and what the benefits of doing so are. But if you watch it carefully, you see me use covert movement many times throughout the video, and I make almost no noise on any surface. Granted, it’s tough to hear over the music and myself, but just watching the footage I’m thinking to myself, I haven’t used covert movement at all this wipe. And that’s because it’s broken; you make the same if not arguably more sound on any surface than just walking. This entire element that is in the game, that we have all used before to ambush an unsuspecting playing for a sneaky kill, has essentially been up rooted and removed from the game. Now, to play devil’s advocate here, I guarantee that it’s a bug and that at some point (maybe in a month of two), they will adjust the audio for crouch walking back to what it was previously. However, if the doomer in me has anything to say, it would argue this change was intentional, even with the completely scuffed audio, it was one aspect of the change they got right. But then that begs the question: why?

Why would they implement systems in the game that allow you to completely control the volume of your PMC, only to basically get rid of it when an introduction of a new audio backend? Like I said, I honestly, truly think this is a bug, that hasn’t been resolved yet. If they couldn’t get steam audio right in over two years of it being in the game, I can only imagine how long this crapshoot is going to take to get right. But that’s looking too far into the future. Right now, the audio in general sucks, and covert movement, a system I really enjoy using in certain places, like dorms, and the resort, don’t work right now. So, it honestly makes more sense to just hold W and barrel on ahead and just react. I’ve even seen a lot of people saying that have been playing Tarkov with music going, and I honestly don’t blame them. Why try to use and rely on a system so vital to survival in the game, when it isn’t going to be accurate enough to keep you alive in the first place? It’s really frustrating to go this long and have it be this broken still. I can’t even fathom how difficult a system like audio in a videogame actually is; however, BSG chose this system for a reason. They ditched steam audio for Oculus; they must have a good reason for it. Right? But I digress, not being able to slow walk around and not sound like an elephant is sad. You can take all your gear off, and only have your container on, versus someone who is in the red for their weight, and if you both slow all the way down and start walking, it sounds the same. It's wild.

I mean, there isn’t much else to say honestly. One of Tarkov’s core gameplay mechanics isn’t working. Myself and a lot of us as the community really hope that it, like all the other audio issues gets addressed sooner rather than later. But in the meantime, I have a question: to anyone who watches this, what was your best kill(s) while using covert movement? Was it just one? Two? A squad? Where were you when it went down? I’d love to hear some stories about good kills while using covert movement. It’ll be a little remembrance party while we all cross our fingers and hope it comes back. Because again, if this is just how it is now, I am going to be very unhappy because a mechanic in the game that a lot of people loved and enjoyed is now gone. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch this video, and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Tarkov and all of its fun and broken mechanics. I hope to see you in future ones.

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