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Bohemian Rhapsody: Maxis Match Boho-inspired CC for your Sims

No, I will not let you go. Once you try cc there is no going back.

By Bianca WilsonPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Featuring dogsil's hairs that scream Mama Mia! Mama Mia! Mama Mia let me-

I don't know why some part of me was tempted to name this 50 Shades of Boho.

Boho Fashion. What is it? I had heard of it a lot in passing but never really knew what exactly it was.

Inspired by the country Bohemia near the Czech Republic. I actually still have much to learn but from what I've gathered from the internet aside from Boho fashion reminding me of hippies is that people living the boho lifestlye are similar to hippies apparently.

Living an unconventional lifestyle, where some might live in a community with one another, an ideal situation for artistic people like musicians, artists and writers for example (in other words people like myself).

You know, reading about that did make me feel better about myself for having to rely on others because for some reason I thought fellow writers would all be well off and that I was lacking whenever I saw some vlogging in a nice little studio on youtube, showing off their aesthetically pleasing keyboards, desk set-ups, and computers which always made me green with envy and I couldn't help but wonder... what secret is there behind all this that I don't know about? How much are they earning?

Moving on.

Bohemian Sims 4 cc Is it more scarcer than gothic fashion? Yes and no.

There are plenty of cc that can be used for boho but isn't branded as boho.

Someday, I tell myself. Someday. Someone will release something that will make me scream "Yasss bi-" And recently Sixam came close.


Sixam the beloved CC creator of wacky, retro, iconic yet well-wished-for cc for sure. They've recently released a new collection of furniture cc and after doing a tally I realized that over the years they have released boho-inspired furniture that I'm sure many players who like this aesthetic will love.

See Sixam's patreon and website for the links.

I would like to point out the highlights of this pack but I can not say. The highlight isn't just this pack but the fact that Sixam has consistently put out content using the same similar design. So not only can you make yourself a bohemian-inspired bathroom you can make-

A bedroom. Although it is quite fancy so maybe more suited for your bougie bohos... if they exist.

A dining room.

Also a baby's room!

And that's all from them.

Now the following content creators have consistently useful cc that could be used for all sorts of sims but regarding Boho I think these creators' hair and clothing CC check all the boxes.

For male sims please check out Nucrest's patreon.

For both males and females you should check out clumsyalien. When one things of boho they often think of wild and loose hair and I think Clumsyalien's hair does have a lot going on that fits the aesthetic perfectly. Some of them clothing can also be used for boho looks, for example-

Other cc creators who have a lot of hair perfect for the boho aesthetic are:


their hairs if I could describe them with one word would be this: Romantic.

Compared to coily/ textured hairstyles the poly size (poly size as in what would be easier for your computer to run from my limited understanding as cc can make loading your game slower depending on whether or not you have TOO MANY cc with high poly size. When I first started downloading cc I thought the poly for her hair was high, but I was mistaken after checking out hairstyles for my own race like I said.


We all know how I feel about dogsil's hairs don't we. I have alwasy thought the texturing of her hairs was just so neat and posh. The perfect maxis match and if we're talking boho style, they made a lot of hairs that are just *chef's kiss* Perfection!


You can never go wrong with any hair that comes from here. Just like dogsil, their hair is versatile and perfect for boho style!

Now once again for men I point you in the direction of


JohnnySims is like nucrest, they make hair for both sexes but mostly males. A thing with JohnnySims is that they like to make a messy version of the hair and then a neater version. So for example if you wanted to give your sims a messy version of their hair for their pajamas outfit or beachwear this is perfect for you!

Pssst. They also convert their hair for children sims! So if you're looking to make your child sims look like they have real character and class then look no further!

The Clutter Cat

I found them recently and took a liking to their content straightaway!

One thinks of boho they think of hippies and gypsies. When I think of gypsies I think of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and then fortune tellers. Clutter Cat has a lot of interesting clutter packs and among them, you can find things like this.

I will be back with more boho inspired things in the future. Thank you so much for reading!

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A college student studying Creative Writing. Webnovel writer, sims 4 simmer, poet and daydreamer.

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