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Best PS4 Zombie Games to Play

Do you love violence and gore? These are wonderful PS4 zombie games to play.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

If you love playing zombie games on your PlayStation 4, then you're in luck. These are the best PS4 zombie games to play since they stand out for their gore, plot lines, and weapons. Each of these games will keep you fascinated with the character development and violence. You will love slashing zombies and living on the edge be trying to stay alive. While playing these games, you will, of course, get wrapped up in having things that players lust to have, such as power, fame, and wealth.

This game is one of the most enjoyable PS4 zombie games to play. In the game, you are placed in Deacon St. John's shoes and a former bounty hunter who has been busy with the zombie apocalypse. Millions of people are traumatized and have been turned into either Newts or Hordes. People are able to choose how they take on the zombies with either weapons or being laid back. This a great game to play if you are fascinated by zombies.

In this game, people are placed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse area and forced to deal with crazy situations. Events become drastically worse as it becomes night and zombies become worse and try to kill the player. Due to the intensity of this game and the psychotic zombies that try and hurt the player, this game should be high on your list of best PS4 zombie games to play. This game is one of the best hack and slash games.

The remastered version of The Last of Us is a brilliant PS4 zombie game. This game takes place 20 years after a prevalent disease has taken over the world. It includes people who are infected and act similar to zombies. The characters are considered some of the scariest video game enemies. However, this game stands out since the infection is spread by a fungus. Throughout this game, people will be fighting for food and weapons. The Last of Us is an intense and unique zombie game to play.

In this zombie game, there is tons of gore, violence, and unexpected zombie attacks. Players will thoroughly enjoy building weapons as they progress in the game. You are forced to upgrade your weapons throughout the game or else you'll be snapped in half. This is a perfect game to play if you get satisfaction in slashing zombies.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties is one of the most thrilling PS4 zombie games to play. In this game, there is a part where the player is home alone and then there is an unexpected crash. All of the sudden you are surrounded by blue-eyed zombies and have to use weapons and defense skills to protect yourself. This game will hold your interest with the zombie attacks and constant challenges that arise.

Zombi is one of the most intriguing PS4 zombie games to play. It takes place in London, England and includes many historic sights that are prevalent in London, such as Buckingham Palace. It's amazing how the game makes players feel as though they are actually in London. This game is exciting with all the resources players can use, such as guns, ammo, and health supplies. In order to survive in this game, you need to use your resources wisely. This game is one of the best survival horror games.

This video game is a combination of The Escapists and the popular tv show, The Walking Dead. In this game, the player lives the life of Rick Grimes and is able to create their own weapons. Also, you can plan your own routes to escape zombies. While you play this game, you're responsible for keeping groups of people alive and not having them attacked by zombies. Most of the people you'll recognize from the show The Walking Dead.

In this game, you are a shooter and kill as many zombies as possible trying to keep them out of Europe. This is one of the most fast-paced and invigorating PS4 zombie games to play. While playing this game, you can create a team of up to six other players. This game won't disappoint you with its extreme use of gore and severed body parts.

This is undoubtedly one of the scariest PS4 zombie games to play. It is a combination between Minecraft and the hit tv show The Walking Dead. This game causes people to resort to their own life skills to survive and not be killed off by zombies. If you love Minecraft or zombies, then this game is ideal for you.

This game is great for fans of The Walking Dead and is one of the most emotional PS4 zombie games to play. Players are able to immerse themselves in the life of The Walking Dead. This game is scary and exciting at the same time. You can play the various characters seen in The Walking Dead. Whether you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead or have never seen the show before, you will definitely love the thrill of this game.


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