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Australian player Taniela Tupou provides ‘hopeful’ return date but unsure of RWC chances

Australian player Taniela Tupou, a star front-rower for the Wallabies who is still questionable for the Rugby World Cup, has provided a hopeful but vague injury update. Australian player Taniela Tupou hasn't played since Australia's match against Ireland in the Autumn Nations Series in November when he tore his Achilles.

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Focus on running again

The enormous prop is currently only concerned with maintaining the strength in his Achilles to play the RWC match in July. I'm currently concentrating on trying to regain the strength in my calf and Achilles said Australian player Taniela Tupou. I believe I will start running in two weeks, and I cannot wait.

I'm not sure, but who knows, maybe back in July when I was playing club football? Eddie must decide whether or not he wants me on the team. My current priorities are starting to run again in two weeks and, hopefully, playing some club football with the brothers.

Possibility of a timely return

Due to the timing of his injury, he may be able to strengthen through club rugby and perhaps the shortened Rugby Championship before head coach Eddie Jones names his Australia Rugby World Cup team. I'm fortunate to have a few months before the World Cup to regain my confidence while returning to club football and attempting to earn a return to the international level, he said.

Rugby World Cup will undoubtedly end at that time, but if the World Cup is only a month or two away, I won't be as confident. It goes without saying that after a significant injury like this, you need a few successful games to regain your confidence. Fortunately, I have three months to try to do so. Fingers crossed.

Missing the game

Australian player Taniela Tupou acknowledges that his absence from the game has been challenging and that he longs to rejoin the team. He admits he hasn't attained the levels he thinks are possible while wearing an Australian RWC squad after reflecting on his time on the sidelines.

You know what? After four months, I'm like. It's difficult to watch my team, the Reds, play without me on the pitch, I think I miss running, he said. I only wish I was there attempting to assist them or work with the team. It's a little bit different this time. I kind of wish I was there right now.

This time, as I sit back and reflect on my accomplishments while wearing the jersey, I don't believe I did enough. Hopefully, I can reach the level I believe I am capable of reaching once I return and if I rejoin the team.

Selecting a Wallabies XV from this season for the Rugby World Cup

As the club season comes to a conclusion, international competitions, and the Rugby World Cup approach, each country's best XV has been chosen for Rugby World Cup 2023. Next up is the Australian Rugby World Cup, a challenging team to choose because Eddie Jones has yet to coach a Test match. However, this is how we perceive the side based on form.

Tom Wright:

The outside back for the Brumbies has been a reliable player for some time and was a star during the Dave Rennie era. When he has the ball in his hands, the former RWC player is a terror who never stops trying to do something.

The star is an expert at counterattacking and will penalize teams that kick far. He may be more effective on the wing or at fullback, but as the Super Rugby Pacific player with the most carried yards, he deserves to be in the starting lineup. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Vs Australia Tickets from our website. Jordan Petaia

Due to an injury incurred in the Reds' match against the Waratahs on Saturday, the 23-year-old will miss the remainder of the Super Rugby Pacific season. Due to his flexibility, he is not generally referred to as a winger but has excelled for the Reds whether asked to wear the number 14 or 11.

His strong play, solid kicking ability, and rugby savvy all contribute to the harmony of a back three. When healthy, he will be able to team up with Wright to effectively control the backfield thanks to his full-back expertise. A choice that is more pace-based may be Suliasi Vunivalu.

Josh Flook:

The Reds player has made an impression this year by being able to both score tries and open up space for others around him. Flook can add some X-factor and is a natural runner. He might be an interesting option and has plenty of development ahead of him. Other choices are the adaptable Izaia Perese and Reece Hodge.

Lalakai Foketi

Depending on who gets the nod at fly-half, a choice that is both intriguing and important. The Waratahs' star has been excellent this season without completely blowing the place up, and he is a more conventional 12-year-old. Selectors could find him and Perese to be a winning combo.

Alternatively, James O'Connor is a good alternative after flourishing there at times this season if Jones was looking for a more playmaking or ball-playing center. When opposed to fly-half, the veteran appears to be much more at ease at 12.

Mark Nawaqanitawase

The wing's development in 2022 simply cannot be disputed, as he has still shown his extraordinary ability to deceive opponents and sniff out a try, even though he hasn't quite reached the same heights this season. The combination of Petaia and Wright in the back three would be amazing to see. It would also provide the Wallabies some much-needed versatility in the backfield and on the counter.

Carter Gordon

It has been a straightforward blockbuster performance from the Rebel, who has been acting possessed this season. Gordon has a fantastic skill set all around, but what makes watching him so enjoyable is the way he connects phases and develops the assault.

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