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What is the importance of crocodiles in the planet?

Facts about crocodiles

By Parveen Baloch Published about a month ago 3 min read

"Crocodile" The living creature that looks like lazy and slow but when any other creature whether that's an animal or human comes in their territory, they never compromise hunting them. The real power of silence can be determined from crocodile's nature.

Crocodiles are semiaquatic creatures, means they can survive in both water and land. Whenever they go for hunting, their average running speed is 15 to 18 miles per hour. And The average running speed of human is 10 to 12 miles per hour, it means crocodile can run faster than humans. Not only human, but they can also run faster than sharks and pythons as well. Nile crocodile is known the fastest crocodile because its highest running speed was recorded up to 22 miles per hour. 

There are 24 species of crocodile worldwide and according to IUCN among these 24 species, 7 species are critically endangered. 4 are vulnerable and 12 are at risk category. But why are we worried about crocodile population? What is the important role played by crocodile in our planet?

Importance of crocodile

Crocodiles have no direct contact with humans that's why their importance is not that much known by humans as it needs to be. We depends on every living creature that exits but this education is only limited to a very few people.

1. Crocodile are keystone species

Most species of crocodile lives in freshwater. They are mostly found in rivers, lagoon, swamps and natural pool. They play an important role in these habitats because due to their high weight and size, they make footprint in water and the nearby area, which become ideal place for several animals living such as insects, snake etc. This is the reason that crocodile are known as keystone species.

2. Crocodile regulate others animals population

Crocodiles present in fresh water mostly eat high populated fish species. Due to this, these fishes' population is regulated, and they can't become dominant in the river. This Nature of crocodile maintain a balance in fish and other creatures' population in water.

3. Crocodile Keeps water body healthy

Crocodiles eat dead and diseased fishes and other living creatures in water. This reduces the chance of infection from spreading. And keep a healthy, a safe environment for other living creatures in water.

4. Crocodile are cleanliness experts

The digestive system of crocodile is one of the strongest digestive system in the world. This is because they have a big diet. They can eat food almost half of their weight. They can resist all types of bacteria and microbes, that's why they are seen eating old and ailing fish. It helps to keep the surrounding clean.

The reason behind population decline

The population of crocodile is declining rapidly, and obviously this st started happening when humans population overpower the planet but there are major 4 reasons behind their population decline. Hunting is one of the major reason because crocodile are mostly killed by humans for their skin and meet. Crocodile skin is used for various purposes such as making bags, shoes and other products. Another reason of their population decline is habitat lose. Due to high human population, various natural habitat of animals are destroyed for developmental purpose. These activities have snatched the ideal living conditions of crocodiles. The lack of awareness is also a reason because most of us don't know that a huge population of other living creatures depends on crocodile for their living. The awareness about importance of crocodile has to be spread throughout the world to safe them from extinction. Otherwise we will lose everything that we get from them.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    That's very interesting and informative really like your writing skills

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