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What is the importance of Bear in the planet?

Facts about bears

By Parveen Baloch Published about a month ago 3 min read

All animals whether wild or domestic has a direct or indirect connection with humans being. Human survival is impossible if the other living creatures go extinct. But some animal as they are not domesticated specially the wild ones are often underestimated. Because we lack education about their purpose of existence. From all animals bear has been favorite animal of most of us. We all have played with the toy teddy bear in our childhood and we also loved to watch the cartoon of bears. But if you ever thought what the role is played by these cute looking animals in our environment? And is their existence is in threat of extinction.

It is believed that there are total 8 species of bears worldwide Which are mostly found in north America, south America, Europe and Asia. The different species of bears differ in size, shape, color and habits. The smallest species of bear is sun bear which is only 4 feet long and the largest species of bear is polar bear which is 8 feet long. Bears are very strong animals and even the polar bear are considered the biggest land carnivores species of animals. Bear are not only interesting but they also have an important role in nature.

Importance of Bear in nature

1. Bears make the forest fertile

Grizzly bear and brown bear, they both eat a lot of fishes, and most of the time, they take these with them to land. And on the ground these fishes get mixed with the soil and with the passage of time, they make the soil fertile by increasing the nitrogen content of soil. This process helps the plants to grow properly. 

2. Bears are excellent seed dispersers

The diet of bear is mostly consist of fruit seeds vegetables and grasses and they eat a huge amount of them. When bear poop while roaming on their natural habitat. They dispersers these seed through their poop in different areas. Due to this trees grows in different areas without plantation. isn't it an amazing process of nature.

3. Bears help to balance the ecosystem

Most of the animals are scared from bears. Some animals specially deer and wolf, because they fear to be the prey of bear. So to save themselves they run from one place to another in that habitat and during this process two important activities occurs. One important thing is that when deers run from bears, they change their location evey time due to this the same area is prevented from over grazing. And second important thing is that, when they run they tilted the soil which enhance the quality of Soil for plants growth.

4. Bears are ecosystem engineers

Ecosystem engineers are those animals which directly or indirectly take natural resources and make them available for other animals or those animals that maintain, creat or modify a habitat are called ecosystem engineers. Due to their big size and living lifestyle they ensure habitat, food and life to various other animals. That's why they are called ecosystem engineers.

But today most of the species of bears are endangered in nature and we already know that bears have no natural predators in nature. So obviously, we are the reason behind their population decline. Bears are hunted for their fur, meats and skin. Not only this but they are also hunted to show supremacy. The change in climate, habitat decline and melting glaciers is also another reason of their population decline. So that's why their species is in danger of extinction. We need to Spread urgent awareness about their importance and their status as they need to be protected.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Excellent story 🎉🎉🎉 I really appreciate your efforts

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