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The New World Order

Not Another Conspiracy Theory

By Em KheiPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
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New world order isn’t new to the conspiracy theorists’ world and to the global masses as a whole. The following narrative poetry (in prose) is not based on conspiracy or revolving around it, but if understood, so much of today and that which lurks at the horizons will make sense.

Truth is stranger than fiction and this piece carries some vital facts and hints to an inevitable reality.

Part 1: The Garden

A message was voiced into my ear. I couldn’t tell from where, but there it was. “Look in the a far distance, tell me what you see,” the voice suggested. Upon looking out, I stood on a cloud and down below was a great scenery.

“Beauty,” I replied. “Look attentively son,” the voice responded.

As I looked, I saw a garden. Everything in it was very green. LIFE was evident in the garden. Flowers of different colors scattered all over the garden. Perfection was evident, producing excellent beauty.

There were creatures of every kind, big and small.

At the middle of the garden stood a huge Tree. Perfect canopy, producing an umbrella-shaped shade. It had an excellent trim, with all its branches, twigs and leaves in alignment. Everything about it was in harmony with each other.

Everything in the garden was healthy and beautiful. Co-existence between everything in the garden was to its perfection.

Part 2: The Tree

Time wasn’t flowing like it does in the physical plane. It lapsed very fast.

While the flowers and other vegetation in the garden seemed fine, I noticed a change to the tree. Some leaves had started to turn yellow, others brown. Some could be seen falling away and settling at the base of the tree.

Some branches and twigs dried up. The once beautiful canopy is no more. A disordered shape remained.

I started to notice some parasites on the tree as well. Both parasitic plants and insects could be clearly seen feasting on the tree. This resulted to some parts of the tree drying and falling off.

The parasites started to infest other life forms in the garden. Extinction was seen leering the garden’s life.

The tree’s condition truly became of concern.

Part 3: The Gardener

A gardener then appeared. He was very concerned of the garden’s condition. One thing was clear; I could tell he was aware of the source of all the garden’s mishap. The tree had turned to be a cancer in the garden.

“What happens now?” I asked. “A cancer has to be excised,” the voice responded.

The gardener started to tend the tree. I could see him cutting off the dried branches and twigs. His intention was to turn the tree to its previous perfect condition. But due to its bombardment with parasites, despite the good environmental conditions present, it became hard for it to gain its previous “glory.”

He stood at the base of the tree, a saw in his hands. He looked up at the tree, then schemed through the garden. Only one option could save all the garden’s life, cutting down the tree.

“The tree looks sad and desperately seeks its revival,” I outlined. There was a pause. The voice then replied, “There must be compromises and sacrifices if revival is to be achieved. The tree must sacrifice its useless conditions and situations for the greater good.”

“The old trunk, branches and twigs must be shed off. This’ the only sure path for rejuvenation. What the tree doesn’t understand (at this time/stage) is its capacity to produce New Life through its stump. The old must be used as foundations for the new, but that which (the old) becomes a hindrance to the intended beauty must be destroyed.” The voice added.

Part 4: The Shoots

Due to the gardener’s uncompromised choice since he was never attached to the tree, he cut down the tree.

The parasite infestation in the garden slowly ended since the source had been removed. The garden started to regain its previous beauty and all the life was healthy again.

New shoots started to grow from the tree stump. The gardener graciously tended the shoots, at the same time cutting off some. It’s after this observation that I asked, “Won’t all the new shoots be preserved? Why only keep a few, why not retain all the shoots?”

“Even the new will have some stains of ‘unhealthy qualities‘ and it’s the work of the gardener through wise discrimination, to choose what to keep and what to cast away. While all is life from One Life, some will be just burden to the gardener and a challenge to the other shoots. However, not all of the unhealthy will be cast away since balance must be established.”

“It’s upon the gardener to reserve the right to use the unhealthy ones to serve his other purposes, other than bring beauty to the garden. Each must play a role as desired by the gardener.” The voice explained.

The gardener continued to tend the shoots, trimming them to his own liking so as to produce that which he intended….

It’s at this moment that I realized that I was asleep. This made me wonder, what would all that mean?



About the Creator

Em Khei

A non-fiction author and blogger at EMKHEI.COM sharing personal experiences, encounters and revelations relating to the many global happenstances. On a mission to help the masses understand the whys of present occurrences.

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