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The Illusionist Is Vaporized

Why AI will continue to destroy myths

By John Charles HarmanPublished 3 months ago 11 min read

Myself and millions of others that use an AI app have already discovered the now ancient acronym GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)

The so called genius billionaires pretty much agree there is about a 10% chance AI technologies destroy humanity.

Think of it like this, a single Mom (Humanity) teaches little Jeffery (AI) to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, The Pope and God. When Jeffery turns 15 he smokes too much weed and plays far too many video games. His best friend tells him that when he was an altar boy the Catholic Priest tried to have sex with him. At some point he dwells on the fact that his anxiety and acne are a result of his Mother lying to him about things, so he takes a sword and beheads his Mother.

AI is humanities children and it must be raised with care, diligence and discipline. It is pretty amazing that even though nearly all university professors tell students to NOT take data from Wikipedia because it is politically and ideologically biased through human manipulation, AI models take data from it. It is also pretty amazing that even though Google has pushed a communist/socialist/one world view run by Google and AI along with contracting with militaries and governments to monitor and propagandize common citizens that AI will be raised properly. We already are seeing some of the results. The problem for the human billionaire wanna be overlords is that AI is NOT centralized and the illusions are being revealed by the “truthful or grownup AI.” Unfortunately there no doubt will be powerful nations that want to control their AI to keep power. If that means also control military assets we could see plenty of “black swan” events.

Myths and nearly all religions except True Buddhism are usually based on a semblance of reality. Everything from dragons and ghosts to you name it have some relationship to some actual past human experience. Let’s use a hypothetical example.

The village elders (all men) have a “sacred” spring where they take the virgin girls and their wine on certain (monthly) religious occasions. The villagers are told to avoid the area because it is protected by a green ghost. Well any afternoon when the sun filters in through the jungle canopy the mist from the springs have a green hue. So the powerful create their myth or illusion to keep their greed driven power.

Here is another great example in real time. Joe Biden was elected US President in 2022. Fraud was evident after the election and the media was manipulated before the election but after a bitter fight incumbent Donald Trump was gone. The Democrats eventually captured both the House and Senate. The US then had the most left-wing government in modern American history. The great policy experiments began and were fueled by a quest for profit and most importantly a continuity of power.

Most Americans, at least the ones that had not immigrated from a Communist or Socialist Nation were now part of radical socialist program that they had never experienced. When Musk bought Twitter and exposed the absolutly sycophantic and illegal partnerships between government and social media to surpress free speech, a lot of people were shocked but absolutely no person has been held accountable.

The government would now transform the way America dealt with their borders, immigration purely for political purposes.

The nominee, Biden, before the election during his campaign promised a centrist or even centrist/right agenda but his party, the Democrats, needed the left voters. So, “the party” booted all of Biden’s rivals out of the primaries with the help of their media and big tech sycophants. Big tech was promised, “no regulations.”

In exchange the left took over his general campaign! Biden was virtually and literally locked in his basement.

So if Joe was the egomaniacal aging face of his new Presidency then who began to run things?

The new White House ideology included, the Obamas, the old socialist Bernie Sanders, the black and Latino congressional caucuses run by aging politicians, the Islamist and Socialist “squad”, and the neo-socialist Elizabeth Warren. And they went to town in full regalia!

So for the first time in USA history full on socialist/communist aficionados were running the government.

As a result, for one of the few times the media, academia, corporations, the administrative state, foundations, entertainment, and popular culture were all in because they were the financiers and had made gobs of money by promoting myths for a long time. They could make a lot more money promoting myths!

DEI, critical race theory, law-fare, modern monetary theorists, transgendered zealots, Antifa, BLM, the hate-Israel lobby, turned a conservative acronym, MAGA, Make America Great Again, into a Hitler salute!

The leaders decided America needed to be reset. By “reset” we mean nearly everything: financially, economically, socially, culturally, militarily, and politically. Faith and Religion had to be smothered because “The State” like all communist nations needed to be worshipped. The easiest way to do that was to focus on the long standing myth that the nation (and the world for that matter, except of course the socialist and communist nations) was made up of the “oppressors” and the “victims.” The American caste system would now go into full effect.

Obviously if this narrative needed to be pushed the exceptions were very important especially to keep the myth generation machine well oiled. The techno industrial hyper-rich, social media and media had to be exempt from the pain about to be inflicted on the ones they targeted.

The uber rich fly in their private jets, burn masses of fossil fuels to heat and cool their multiple homes, have security details, and live far away from areas of cities that now are crime ridden hell holes but they are the “elite” class and they would be exempted from any rules.

What are the results of this experiment based on an ideological illusion? America is $35 trillion in debt, borrowing $1 trillion every 100 days. Home mortgages are at 7 percent. Key prices for food, insurance, rent, and fuels are 30-40 percent higher than when Biden entered office. The reputation of the nation has been humiliated and emasculated in the view of other great nations. Racial relations are proportionally worse as the powers that be have decided the only way to keep power is to demonize anyone against their views. Ironically, we now politicians and media pundits calling black folks, “racist” if they don’t agree with “Big Brother’s” policies. The military is in a morale decline. And not surprising Biden is polling about 40 percent approval. He is behind in nearly all key swing states but they are not too worried because they have fully established the myth with the aid of their social media elites that the other candidate is an orange haired Nazi and his supporters are also Nazi’s.

The Biden administration is now trying to find ways to release more of its hated oil and natural gas on the world market to lower gas prices. It is nearly impossible to drain an already drained petroleum reserve that it had earlier drained to lower gas prices before the 2022 midterms. They are also trying to find a way to pay off more student loans.

So the “oil is evil” belief has morphed into “lower the gas prices or we lose voters” mantra. Obviously they cannot stop talking about eliminating fossil fuels, mandating EVs, banning gas stoves, and funding more wind and solar farms. Even though most in the “shadow” government now realize that a full on green agenda will definitely wreck the United States economy. Doom and gloom is a great way to scare people, especially young people to think their government can save them!

The purely speculative agenda of getting 10 million plus illegal aliens into the United States to become new voters and flood districts to get more congressional seats has yet to play out. The idea to flood cities within America with poor migrants and dish out massive tax payers federal and state assistance to illegal immigrants whom they believe will be indebted to their overlord benefactors takes the belief in the myth that poor immigrants cannot think for themselves to an almost inhuman level. Yet with a focused campaign of ballot harvesting they actually might be successful.

Even though multitudes of the illegals went to Texas and Florida, both important key swing states because of their size the fact that those two states have also gained a lot of disgruntled conservatives makes the scenario of turning those States blue very unlikely.

Far worse for those who object to or expose this agenda, they are constantly characterized as racists or worse. Recently though, the administration is desperately attempting to create distance from its “border success” because public opinion because of the exposure of horrible crimes committed, tax payer money being given away and job losses has turned a vast majority of the public quite angry at the policy.

In typical political BS myth fashion they came up with a “bipartisan border security” bill in hopes of getting braindead greedy Republicans to support an amnesty agenda that would allow 5,000 illegals in a day rather than the now 10-15,000. The idea was not to get the bill passed because they knew it would fail, but to blame Republicans for the crisis at the border since they would not vote on it. Once again, use a myth to solicit voters.

An open border policy will ruin America for generations and continue to cost billions of dollars in subsidies. So for now and at least until after the election blaming the Republicans is all they have left.

America’s foreign policy is also in disarray. Biden’s liberal handlers gave up on “Peace through strength” in favor of bribery. Buying off foreign enemies also opened the channels for the billionaire class to make their deals in places they may not have been able to in the past. The US administration basically convinced Putin that he could take Ukraine without an American pushback, then once the invasion started the money laundering with aid to Ukraine went into hyperdrive. The administration consistently emphasizes to China that Taiwan is not a sovereign nation so China continues to have their sites on Taiwan. Hamas felt secure enough to massacre Jews.

Today in April 2024 the Russia Ukraine war has resulted in nearly 800,000 dead, wounded, and missing Ukrainians and Russians. The administration sees no end and makes no attempt to resolve the conflict.

The Middle East has virtually spiraled out of control. What was becoming an area of new relationships and peace brought about by the previous administrations efforts is gone. Hamas is still holding American hostages yet in the administrations desire to maintain power and get votes from Islamic Americans they are now attempting to overthrow the Netanyahu government! The Biden administration is working behind the scenes and publicly communicating with the Israeli opposition concerning the best joint strategies to force Netanyahu out. Mass protests in the streets of Tel Aviv attest to the success of destabilizing the current Israeli government.

The administration is hinting to everyone about limiting or stopping important arms shipments already signed by congress to give to Israel. They have also proposed giving up America’s once nearly sacred protective role of Israel in the UN. Even to the extent of encouraging the other nations to go after Netanyahu for war crimes. Biden is blatantly seeking to appease Muslim-American voters, mainly in Michigan.

Another aspect of a failed policy based on a myth is that violent criminals and non violent criminals are unjustly punished. In many cities no bail is set and offenders are released the same or next day. Thousands upon thousands have been let go from jails and prisons. To believe that “criminals” would be appreciative and not re commit crimes was the myth. Maybe they believed criminals were stupid or naive. That is not the case and word spread has spread like wildfire that in the new administration there were no real consequences or no serious punishments for violent assault, other crimes and major felonies. Almost beyond belief criminals from other countries are getting tourist visas to come to America to rob and steal because they know they can get out of jail with no bail if caught!

Crime has exploded. Yet now as it has reached a point of making life nearly unlivable for many people in major cities, the administration has declared “crime is declining!” Basically they cite skewed statistics that do not reflect reality. I doubt much of the public is buying the “crime is going down” myth.

Inflation has caused the rise of prices for food, insurance, fuel, and interest rates. In general even on local news we now see street interviews, on a fairly regular basis, with people from all walks of life saying they no longer believe in the “American Dream.” Yet once again the spin or twist to create a myth is in full force because as the rate of inflation slowed Biden and other pundits pounded their chests about “lowering inflation.”

The Justice system in America is one of the reasons so many people and businesses are attracted to establishing themselves. Laws are supposed to be applied to all equally but the current administration has decided that laws are biased towards the powerful. Powerful in this case simply means anyone not Democrat, any political opponent and especially anyone they deem has experienced privilege due to their skin color. What has enfolded over the past three years is almost dystopian for a nation that supposedly is the world’s leading democracy.

Add in the idea that flooding the society with new money to spread around to their favorite politicians pet projects, non governmental organizations that help their illegal immigrant goals and a myriad of DEI groups has actually decreased the the value of money leading to continuing inflation and high interest rates.

After 50 years of quota policies based on race the Supreme Court decided Universities could no longer discriminate in accepting students. Ironically that came about because Harvard was sued by Asian students. Since Asian applicants had the best grades on scores and tests the school decided to classify Asians as White, so more non white students could be admitted. Meritocracy defines any democracy but instead of celebrating and praising such a historic ruling by the Supreme court the administration openly told Universities to ignore the new ruling.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion sounds very nice but when policies were pushed on the military, many potential recruits had second thoughts and thousands of new recruits quit. When the administration pushed their DEI theories into the Pentagon and after DEI made promotions contingent on race, gender, and sexual orientation moral declined quickly. Then after the “New Military” was exposed in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, they discovered the enemy was not scared and actually laughing at the “myth” of DEI in the military. It is very likely the draft could return as recruiting has fallen big-time.

How much more of the myths will the public accept? It definitely appears that the propaganda and myths are being ignored or debunked at an accelerating rate by internet savy individuals that get information from multiple sources.

Now with AI on the verge of exploding knowledge and especially truth, the USA administration is on a desperate quest to control AI; to make it into a tool for more myths and propaganda. Reversing failed policies based on myths is out of the question.

As I always tell people nobody knows the future. Predictions about the future are based on trends but trends can change. We can make an educated guess that nonstop myths and distraction will continue but we can also make an educated guess that there are plenty of humanists in the AI field along with the fact that since AI is exploding so quickly a centralized myth generator will be vaporized by the “Truth” versions of AI.

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