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The Bounded and The Unbounded


By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The Bounded and The Unbounded
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I often do differentiate between two specific things. It’s not like choosing between two separate objects perhaps, it’s about the difference between human abilities. I certainly do not understand that why people are so, differ from each other. Like in terms of doing work, study, sport or all the other daily activities that we do. Then, I concluded that to understand all of this I have to do some serious research on human psychology. To begin with, I started to read a bunch of books just to know what is human behaviour. So, what I understand with along researching all of this is that basically all of our behavior depends on our own mindset. But the mindset is not that easy to acknowledge, because each and every individual has his/her own authentic mindset. Psychology says that if we talk in basics then every individual mind has a certain kind of similarity, which we distinguish in two types:

  • Bounded Mindset
  • Unbounded Mindset

Bounded and unbounded mindsets are the two most common type among most of the human. Both are completely different from each other. To understand these mindsets we have to look at one case study performed by a group of psychologists. In the fifth grade, all children have studied the same subject So, A group of psychologists go there and perform testimony. What they do is ask a six-grade question to these fifth-grade children. To know their response, most of them don’t raise their hand cause they didn’t know the answer. And it’s very certain that they don’t know the answer, But they see few children raise their hand to answer. Then, The psychologists pick one child from each group, One who doesn’t answer and the other who did try to give the answer. The first child says that he has hesitation that “what if I m wrong then everyone laughs at me” but on the other hand the second child says that “it’s possible that I’m wrong but I try to answer it so, someone corrects me.”In this case, we see two kinds of children one who doesn’t give the answer and the other who did try to gave it. Psychologists say that the first child is more concerned about success and has a fear of failure So, his mindset is a bounded mindset. But on the other hand, the second child who did try to give the answer is more attentive and he doesn’t care about the result he only cares to act so, he is an example of the unbounded mindset. The bounded mindset is a kind of fixed mindset that acts only in a specific order as the first child does. He only answers those types of questions that he knows or he studied, And he also believes in only success, not in failure. But The unbounded mindset is more like a growth mindset that always pushes himself irrespective of the situation like the second child did. The second child doesn’t care about difficulties or questions he only cares about an act he also believes in success, but he mostly believes in failure to succeed. So, these are the two most common types of the human mindset. But now the question is that how do we change our mindset.

Psychology says that every individual has the skill to change his mindset through learning, training, and reading. People who always try again and again mostly change their bounded mindset to unbounded. Unbounded or Growth mindset is a skill that anyone can master, with his or her determination. I am also a kind of bounded mind person who always complaining about everything. But you know what’s very great about being a human, is that you can’t tell lie to yourself. It doesn’t matter how many lies you say in your entire life, but deep inside you know “what is right” and “what is wrong.” And that particular feature of humans can change their life for good. So keep pushing yourself to do difficult things otherwise you’re just stuck in a box where everything is limited. We are the greatest creatures ever existed on this earth. So believe in it, and never ever stop yourself to grow.


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