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Rwanda Ruled Legal.

The decision by UK High Court Judges.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Rwanda Ruled Legal.
Photo by Eric Masur on Unsplash

With Rishi Sunak planning to fast-track the deportation of Albanians, he may have another string to his bow now. The plan by former Home Secretary Priti Patel has been ruled legal by two High Court Judges.

A plane was waiting on the runway this year to take illegal migrants to Rwanda. However, due to legal challenges brought by migrants, the plane never took off on June 14.

The legal challenges to Ms. Patel's plan were brought to court in September. The UNHCR said the plan was unlawful and in breach of the Refugee Convention. Many legal eagles and others agreed the plan was illegal and monstrous. Labour said the plan was "unworkable" and should have been better thought out.

One can see that a solution to the tides of humanity arriving on our shores needs a solution. A solution that is fair to the migrants and to our already shaky NHS, the benefits system, housing, schools, etc. Now with the deeming by high court judges that the Rwanda plan is legal, the government will be able to enact it. The question is will they?

Certainly, Priti Patel's successor Suella Braverman is as seemingly right-wing as her predecessor. She now has the legal means to act and use Rwanda as a destination legally to send illegals. Whether she will as already said will remain to be seen. Immigration/migration is still a thing out there in voting land. With the Conservatives losing by-elections to Labour this will be worrying for the Sunak administration. Also, Sunak is trailing in the polls as compared to Labour.

With these thoughts in mind, the Tories will be using migration/immigration as a weapon to wield. A weapon that is the last resort to reverse their flagging support. As the general election nears they will seek no doubt to present Labour as weak on illegal migration. It will be a blatant attempt to get people angry over illegal migration on their side. You can already see this being manifest in Sunak's plan to fast-track Albanians out of this country. Now with the Rwanda plan is revived they will seek to enact this plan possibly. To show how tough the Tories are on illegal migrants.

Labour riding high in the polls right now may have to watch its back. If some voters see Labour as weak on migration then this could eat away at their lead. That said, Sir Keir will realize the Tories will want to paint him thus. At the moment though with strikes happening left, right, and centre Labour has the Tories on the run. While not ultimately endorsing the strikes from whatever quarter Sir Keir will support their right to strike.

The government wants to bring in anti-strike laws. Of course, many who are affected by the strikes will support this. People like commuters or NHS, service users. That said there will also be those affected by strike action who also understand why unions are striking.

Another scandal is that hotel owners have been making money hand over fist in housing migrants. One might say who can blame them for cashing in? Many hoteliers especially those with smaller accommodations will want to accommodate migrants and cash in. Cash in because the lockdown has affected their business with many no doubt closing their doors forever. The question has to be asked though what conditions are these people being kept in?

Whatever your thoughts about migrants illegal or not they should be treated humanely. There was the scandal of migrants living in unsanitary conditions at a camp housing them. When this was highlighted in the media only then did Suella Braverman act. Why were these people held in such horrendous conditions in the first place? And why did the government only act when it was caught out?

Migration and immigration will always be a thing in one form or another. Of course, there will always be those against it and those who welcome strangers.



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