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Ukrainian General: "Russia Will Try Again"!

Vlad The Invader Will Come From The North.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Ukrainian General:  "Russia Will Try Again"!
Photo by Curioso Photography on Unsplash

According to Ukrainian General Kovalchuk Russia will try and invade again in February. Via Belarus from the north as it did in February of this year. Then Vlad The Invader's plan was to seize Kyiv.

However, thanks to Ukrainian resistance and Western weaponry/training the Russians were beaten back. That does not excuse, however, the atrocities done to the Ukrainian people by Russian forces. Also, the indiscriminate targeting of civilians and infrastructure that civilians depend on.

Russia and Ukraine have been battling it out in the east of the country. Russia still occupies a swathe of Ukrainian territory there but Ukraine has been capturing former Russian-occupied land. Recently, Ukrainian forces recaptured the city of Kherson.

General Kovalchuk has masterminded the Ukrainian fight back. He is responsible for the success of the Ukrainian forces. The bravery and patriotism of the Ukrainian armed forces have to be applauded. Russia has performed badly in the war with thousands of men and much of its equipment destroyed.

However, with Putin discussing what is next in the war General Kovalchuk has been studying Russian strategy. The general is certain as the anniversary of the Russian invasion draws near Russia will launch a blitzkrieg again.

General Kovalchuk told Sky News that millions more Russian men would be thrown into the fight this time. The general said that his forces would need more Western arms to combat such a threat.

Has Russia learnt from its mistake in how badly it has performed in this war? Has Russia been reevaluating its approach to the war? Obviously, that is why Putin is meeting with his top commanders.

Russia is still largely a conscript army with very few professional soldiers. The morale of Russian forces in Ukraine has not been good. Many Russian soldiers do not want to be there and so obviously that has affected their fighting ability. Whereas the Ukrainians are full of spirit and full of patriotism to liberate their country.

It seems Putin is not bothered by where his fighting men come from, what condition they are in or what age. Putin has been forcing conscription on men and throwing them into battle with little to no training. Similar to Saddam in the Kuwait war with the West. The Iraqis were mostly hapless conscripts with little or no training and they performed badly. Most surrendered to coalition forces. The hell unleashed on them made them surrender in droves. Many also deserted and walked home or perished in the attempt. The Iraqi armed forces were trained in Soviet military doctrine.

The poor performance of the Russian army in Ukraine may explain a lot. Russia is still using Soviet military practice in the theatre of war. There are obviously deep flaws in this military approach which hampered the Iraqi effort. Now it is also hampering the Russian war effort. Not only have Russians surrendered to Ukrainian forces en masse but have just walked away from the battlefield. Loads of their heavy armour and other military equipment have been destroyed. Putin like Saddam before him is an authoritarian dictator with little room for disagreement. When you have someone in charge of a military conflict who has no military understanding and overrules his generals that is a recipe for defeat and disaster. Historically, Hitler and Stalin did the same hence their military setbacks.

General Kovalchuk said he believed Ukraine would win the war. However, the general pointed out that much fierce fighting lay ahead. Winter will have struck with a vengeance in Ukraine. Both sides will be feeling the chill.

Will the Russian-Ukraine war be like the Iran-Iraq war? Where both sides were led by stubborn men (Iran: Ayatollah Khomeini and Iraq: Saddam Hussein). Both sides threw themselves at each other for 8 years in a pointless war that achieved nothing. Russia is led by Putin and Ukraine by Zelensky also two stubborn men that cannot be seen to lose face. Let us hope that the Russian-Ukraine conflict does get bogged down in a static slugfest as the Iran-Iraq war was.





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