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Quarantine, a word that easy to read but arduous to understand

By Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin IIIPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Quarantine compartment

Quarantine, a word that easy to read but arduous to understand

Many plans are becoming worthless, but what matters we still fight for it, and there is a clear vision of a promise of tomorrow

You don't know that feeling until you are one of them, indeed, It is stressful when you are alone all by yourself, but it also teaches you many life lessons like how to handle stress when no one there to talk, except holding your courage that dealing with your emotions that situation will not take last, but still you can't avoid being helpless

Is almost sixteen months now, humans see their actual hue and selfishness while others are greedy, the selfish people only care about themselves the spreading of the virus become unstoppable, And the greedy one, manipulated the price of goods and other commodities neglected the government-mandated

Last year was happening being in the quarantine, and yet, I was undergoing the same scenario over and over again, and it will be my six days now emotionally anguished being alone and far from your loved ones, but if you see the brighter side of it is a lesson that you need to learn and compromise, human failed to comply the teaching of nature and the health protocols due to their selfish action

Why are we being so selfish and yearning that and telling another country that involves is spreading of a virus, no nations want to destroy others nation, but our action and in human behavior does, some people when their government enforce the rule they insisted, they claim their right as citizens this is a moment that we need to help each other this is the time to show the world that humanity exists

The pandemic is real many of the companies laid off, how many mothers out there did have to give a chance to hug their children, how many families have mislaid, and some still trapped in the place where they far from their loved ones, it's not just easy to understand by some reckless one

In this time of the pandemic, each of us has their own story, some get depressed, and yet, the fight is continuing the enemy is invisible, a human becomes weak and hopeless impression like there is no chance at all, especially your experience in the quarantine section, thinking about their job and what is next thing to do and when it is over

Besides grief and hunger, people don't know what to do like they are scared of many things, but this corona tell us multiple aspects of life that connect people to their loved ones and relatives, how to value life and their health, and with the arriving of vaccine, people still don't know what to do and whom to trust, but we need to focus to the course for as to overcome this kind of stressful moment

Distant from all of this happening, we still hold on to our dream, which the only thing that bigger than our fear, don't wait and watch, while the world is suffering, our little contribution to the world is a matter now in whatever capacity, pack your stuff make a smile that beautiful thing is ahead of us

Even though the fight is not over yet, a time to connect ourselves to nature and which hampered us for many years now, people forget the origin of their culture and tribes then, the action toward the situation is different from their ancestors' let us hold the word love and unit against this invisible enemy, until then we will all succeed for now and the next generation of our generation

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Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin III

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