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It's easy, fast and convenient to be a chef for dummies.

Jiuyang Space Air Fryer 736Pro

By Mcgrotha BrinkerPublished about a year ago 6 min read
It's easy, fast and convenient to be a chef for dummies.
Photo by Manik Roy on Unsplash

If you want to talk about the hottest kitchen appliances recently, it's the air fryer. The key is not having many cooking skills, you can easily cook, and are easy to operate. leo has used a lot of air fryers before, but most are pull-out, different brand appearance design are similar, there is a class is top fried blue design, this is not very common, the heating tube he fan design in the bottom, the function will be a little more, but the relative capacity is reduced. And no matter what kind of air fryer, frying time need to turn over more trouble. In fact, in addition to the above form, Jiuyang came out with a new form of air fryer, without turning the visual air fryer.

Jiujiang Sce Air Fryer 736Pro, its design is more like the Jiuyang steam rice cooker used before, or more like a "pot". Capacity 5.5L can meet the needs of 3-8 people, the use of the top ring visual design, you can see the entire cooking process, and the use of open lid mode, but also easy to add materials, but more importantly, the use of three-dimensional hot air circulation, so that the ingredients are more evenly heated, without turning.

Air Fryer

It is worthy of the space kitchen designed for Chinese manned spaceflight, Jiu Yang's entire product is full of technology, the top has a round raised operating area, and you can clearly see the temperature and time to increase or decrease, as well as the start button. No need to read the manual, a key will be. At the bottom is a QR code that can also be scanned into a small program and operated directly through the small program recipes with one click.

The traditional air fryer because of the pull-out design, is unable to see the cooking process, this for some large pieces of ingredients, it is difficult to control the fire, and needs to open repeatedly to confirm the cooking status, very troublesome. The Juyang Space Air Fryer 736Pro has a ring-shaped viewable window design on the lid and a total of four air vents on the left and right, so you can clearly see the state of the ingredients inside the pot.

The Juyang Space Air Fryer 736Pro uses a carbon fiber heating tube for faster heat generation and a 9-blade spiral fan on top to accelerate hot air circulation. This air fryer does not require greaseproof paper and does not turn over while the three-dimensional hot air circulation heating technology makes baking more efficient. With the same ingredients, the fat removal rate is higher, enhancing the taste and healthier.

The fryer and the grill are separated design, this subsequent cleaning will be much easier. The material of the pan is made of zinc oxide antibacterial technology, which not only makes it more secure to eat but also easy to clean.

What can the air fryer do delicious?

Although the air fryer is relatively hot, if you want to do what is delicious, probably the most thought of French fries, chicken nuggets, and egg tarts, indeed these are also the more frequent ingredients to do. But through the applet, not only can you control and view the air fryer, but there is a wealth of recipes built into it, so you no longer have to worry about what to eat today.

Grilled chicken nuggets

First, let's try, just recently bought a large package of semi-finished chicken nuggets in Sam's, without any defrosting, directly into the air fryer, select baked chicken nuggets, 10 minutes, temperature 200 ℃.

You can see that the chicken pieces themselves have been fried out of the fat, the surface has become golden brown, and the color is still very good.

With tomato sauce, crispy outside and tender inside, not worse than KFC, and not deep-fried, also more healthy. Recently, the children at home to school, as an afternoon snack, is a good choice.

French fries

When it comes to KFC, my son must order French fries every time. Now supermarkets also sell such frozen fries, I also bought this Sam, more than 100 pieces, a total of 2KG, if each time the amount of the bottom of the pan, it is estimated to eat 30 or 40 times.

Fries in the small program directly on a key to open, the temperature is 180 ℃, 20 minutes. But I tested, and I fry 18 minutes is about the same.

Air fryer fries, to do now more delicious, put a long time, soft, there is no taste to speak of.

fried peanuts

Deep-fried peanuts as a side dish are the best before there is to buy ready-made, but always feel that the food is not too much. But every time you fry them yourself, you get oil all over the stove, and it's easy to overfly. An air fryer is much more convenient, the grocery store bought a bag of peanuts and cleaned and dried them.

Before putting it into the air fryer, a little cooking oil mixed down, do not use oil is not a big problem. Then find the corresponding recipe in the small program, and a key to open it.

Sprinkle a little salt on the pan, mix well, and let it cool before crunching.

Baked chicken wings

The recipes above are all super easy, so just put them in and take them out. Here's how to make a baked wing, which isn't that hard, but it needs to be marinated in advance.

Prepare fresh chicken wings, or thaw and wash frozen chicken wings, and then slash them twice on the surface. Then it's time to marinate, the marinade is your blend, two spoons of soy sauce, one spoon of oyster sauce, five spice powder, and honey.

Then give the wings a horse-kill, and grab them a few more times for good taste.

Chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Then it is put into the air fryer. 180℃ for 20 minutes.

This air fryer is very friendly for cooking meat, through the ring-shaped viewable window, you can see the changes in the ingredients inside, and the chicken wings on the grease bubbling outside, look also very healing. For different ingredients, if you feel that the time is not well controlled, you can directly observe the degree of cooking through this window and get a full picture of the internal cooking without opening the lid.

It is still very successful, and from the capacity of the pot, it is possible to put two more chicken wings, and a total of nine chicken wings is not a problem. Because of this pot, I tried one, and in the blink of an eye, I actually ate them all.


Although I have used several air fryers before, the strongest among the strongest, Juyang Space Air Fryer 736Pro once again refreshes my understanding of air fryers, innovative design, space technology, three-dimensional hot air circulation heating technology, higher fat removal rate, etc., not only to solve the shortcomings of traditional air fryers, but also to improve the cooking experience, so that ingredients cooking more efficient, healthier, and more efficient. If you are in a white kitchen, cooking zero bases, then Jiu Yang Space Air Fryer 736Pro is the first choice recommended, what do you think of this air fryer


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