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Buy a bed, it is recommended to adhere to the "6 do not buy

, after reading these shortcomings, you will know why

By Mcgrotha BrinkerPublished about a year ago 9 min read
Buy a bed, it is recommended to adhere to the "6 do not buy
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In bed, we are to sleep more comfortable, and not to make others feel good.

However, because of the possible inexperience or being misled by some factors, may end up buying the wrong.

Home miscellaneous forum summed up the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of beds, and finally give the "6 do not buy" advice. We get the disadvantages clear, you will know why so recommended.


A: do not buy court style French European bed

Bed, the first is not recommended to buy the modeling bed.

Modeling the bed into a court-style, French, European-style bed, although from the face, looks very grand, very retro.

But not suitable for ordinary family use. The disadvantage of this type of bed is that many of our friends are not able to accept it.

Common disadvantages are the following three points.

①, the head and tail of the bed and the side of the bed shape are too complex, with a lot of gaps. This provides a good place for dust to go. Every time you wipe the dust, you will be tired enough.

②, modeling bed with a generally large area of the soft package, the soft package is artificial leather. Over time there is peeling, and cracking, to how ugly there is.

③, the bed soft package is mostly fishy. Like many soft packages inside is the use of density board, and then the use of doll cotton filling. The amount of formaldehyde content of these products is very high, which may cause environmental failure.

So, when buying a bed try not to buy this has a very complex shape of the French European style or court style bed.

Selection recommendations.

①, buy a bed that is as simple as possible to buy a simple bed, do not have too complex a shape. Too much modeling does not look good.

②, when buying a bed, we have to consider the problem of future care. Never have gaps everywhere and end up with all the dust.

Two do not buy ordinary flat box bed

bed, the second not recommended to buy is the ordinary flatbed box bottom bed.

We go to the market to see, will also find that now the ordinary flatbed box bed is also less and less.

Replaced by beds with boxes, are beds with hydraulic rods.

The flat panel box beds that you can see now are installed tatami mats.

This kind of bed generally has the following problems.

①. It is very troublesome to store items each time. It is equivalent to taking the whole bed all apart and putting it back on again afterward. For example, if you clean the bed and put things on it first, and then make the bed afterward, it is enough to get it twice.

②, the box of breath ability is very poor. The clothes stored inside, there always have a moldy smell. This is more serious in humid places.

③, there are many gaps in the box, and over time are full of dust. Rub also simply wipe not clean, you must use a high-powered vacuum clean tor to clean the inside of the box.

Therefore, this ordinary flat box bed without hydraulic lever is not recommended.

Recommended guide.

①, if we must choose a bed with a box, then try to still choose the one with a hydraulic lever. Each time you store items slightly will also be easier.

②, buy a box bed, pay attention to try to choose to be able to ventilate and change the air. For example, the side is open louvers, so that the clothes we store will not be so easy to mold, or smell.

Three do not buy high bed head and high bed end of the bed

Bed, the third is not recommended to choose is a high bed head and high bed end of the bed.

Many friends have seen this kind of high bed head, high bed end of the bed.

It is estimated that many friends choose this kind of bed, to see the gorgeous atmosphere. But these friends are regretful.

Because the high bed head high bed end of the bed will cause the following problems.

①, the space requirements of the bedroom are relatively high. If the bedroom is not high enough, it will feel particularly oppressive bedroom, so that people have a feeling of breathlessness.

②, when sleeping, will cause psychological depression in the person. Let people feel that something is pressing on the top of the head, which will cause bad sleep.

③, there is another problem, is to make the bed sheet is very troublesome. From the end of the bed is no way not to go in. Very impractical.

④, the last point, but also the most serious point, is very easy to touch the legs when walking around at night. Many friends, I guess, have suffered from this experience.

So that for high bed head or high bed end of the bed can be avoided to avoid.

Selection recommendations.

①, when choosing a bed, the height of the head of the bed is generally controlled at forty to fifty centimetres on it. This is suitable for us to lean back. Do not be too high, but also do not be too low.

②, for the bed with the end of the bed, try not to choose a certain height. To put it bluntly, the end of the bed should never have any shape, but with the bed as a whole flat,s the best.

Four: do not buy a drawer bed

If you go to buy a bed now and find a drawer bed, it is recommended that you give up the choice.

May buy the bed, we will hear the publicity that the drawers put things can be directly pushed in, pull out when you use, feel more practical than other beds.

However, friends who have used the drawer bed will find that such a statement is only the ideal state, most families can not achieve.

Drawer beds generally have the following problems.

①, the drawer in the drawer due to the size of too large, after putting the items, it is difficult to drag it out. After taking something found, and can not push in, and need to toss half a day.

②、Limited storage space. Although looking at this drawer is very large, the real put clothes, found that simply can not put pieces. Otherwise, the drawer simply can not be pushed in.

③, bad cleaning. The drawer and the gap at the bottom will be easy to cause the entry of dust, and finally bad cleaning. It is easy to hide dirt and grime.

So, the drawer bed is also not suitable, the practicality is very poor.

Recommended guide.

①, if you want to buy a bed with a storage function when you buy a bed, then I try to choose the one with a hydraulic lever. This is more convenient to store items and store more things.

②, if you must choose a bed of drawers, then it is recommended that you choose the one that is separated from the drawers. And drawers with slides, so that it is good to use better.

Five: do not buy a floor bed

Previously, when buying a bed, many friends do not consider the problem of bed legs.

For example, most beds in the past were all floor.

However, if you go to buy a bed now, I do not recommend that you buy the traditional floor bed again.

There is also not recommended to buy, the height from the ground is the particularly low bed.

Because the floor bed or a bed with a very low height from the ground, there will be the following problems.

①, the bottom of the bed has become a dusty area. And there is simply no way to clean. I believe that many friends have found this situation, that is, after moving the bed away, the bottom accumulated a thick layer of ash.

②, with the progress of technology, sweeper robots are becoming more and more popular. However, if our home is also a floor bed or very low from the ground, there is no way to use the sweeping robot.

③, the floor bed requires a relatively high level of the ground. It is easy to appear unstable and may appear to have a loud sound after a long time.

Therefore, when choosing a bed, we should consider the specific circumstances of the future we do hygiene, so the floor bed should not be chosen

Recommended guide.

①, the first choice is the four-legged floor bed. That is the current more popular skeleton bed. This type of bed helps from the ground and has a height of 15cm or more. The sweeping robot can enter freely at will.

②, if we buy a wooden bed, measure the net height of the bed help from the ground. The personal view given here is that the bed help should be guaranteed to have more than 15cm from the ground. Everyone can follow this size to buy.

Six: do not buy iron bed

When choosing a bed, it is recommended that you should avoid iron beds.

Iron beds for home use now have become less and less.

However, because of the shape of the iron bed itself and the characteristics of the material, there are still some friends who will choose.

The iron bed has great advantages. For example, it is very environmentally friendly and does not have any pollution. Its price is relatively low. Another is the industrial style features are very obvious. Once also fire for a while.

However, for most families, iron beds are not suitable. Why do you say so?

The reasons are as follows.

①, the stability of the iron bed is really poor. Like the iron beds we buy, generally may be a few hundred dollars. Most of them are fixed with a few screws. Found also did not lie a few days on the shaking, sleep at night are afraid to turn over.

②, the lacquer finish is very poor. This leads to the iron bed appearing to drop the paint, drop paint after the slow rust.

③, poor comfort. This is one of the biggest reasons for not choosing iron beds. Because most of its are metal, winter leaning on it, feeling very cold.

So, when buying a bed also try not to consider iron beds.

Recommended guide.

①, if we must choose an iron bed, then we should go to consider buying a sturdy iron bed. These types of beds are very expensive, it will not be a cheap iron bed.

②, if we have bought an iron bed at home, you can think of a solution to the problem of its poor comfort, and the problem of shaking. For example, the screws fixed, backrest place to buy a large backrest cushion.

③, consider using some simple skeleton bed instead of an iron bed. For example, the home is industrial style, you can look at some simple skeleton bed, and the effect is also good.


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