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After 10 years of using drum washing machine

These are a few shortcomings that I can't stand

By Mcgrotha BrinkerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
After 10 years of using drum washing machine
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In the vast majority of people's concept of the drum washing machine is the representative of a high-end washing machine, I think most people have such a perception stems from the drum washing machine into the domestic market later than the wave washing machine, so everyone created this idea that the later the newer, the later the more advanced technology.

But, as the drum washing machine market time growth, from the experience, some of the problems of the drum washing machine are becoming more and more obvious, as a user of more than 10 years, I summarized some of the problems of the drum washing machine.

Washing is relatively low: washing clothes is not as clean as the wave wheel

The main principle of the drum washing machine to remove dirt is to constantly beat the clothing, compared to the churning of the wheel, the drum washing machine was born to wash than the wheel, if you have requirements for the cleanliness of the clothes, then the drum washing machine is not a too good choice.

And the drum washing machine is relatively water-saving, which leads to another problem, in the case of the inability to quantitatively put detergent, there is a certain probability that the rinsing is not clean.

Too many functions: the elderly look dazzled

Drum washing machine to highlight the sense of seniority, arranged a very large number of functions, such as high-temperature boiling washing, sterilization washing, heating washing, sterilization washing, wool washing, silk washing, and so on, these functions are not only the elderly do not know its use scenario, even for young people is a challenge.

Too many functions create two problems, the first is that consumers spend money in vain for these functions, and the second is that the function of the elderly dazzling afraid to use, but also more likely to be the case of mis-touch.

Power and time consuming: increased cost of use

Although the drum washing machine is more water-saving, the drum washing machine needs to heat water, so more electricity, in addition, to enhancing the cleaning capacity, the drum washing machine usually works longer, which leads to not only cost electricity, but also increases the laundry time, if you have clothes in a hurry to wear, or to rush out, it will be very anxious.

Adding clothes in the middle of the inconvenience: can add the price are expensive

Although some of the current drum washing machines have supported clothing added, the vast majority of drum washing machine still does not support it, if you have forgotten clothes not washed can only wait for the next round of washing.

This problem is mainly caused by the structure of the drum, relatively speaking, the wave wheel can add clothes at any time, more conveniently.

Washing the clothes after taking out inconvenient: the elderly is very difficult

Drum due to the design of the hatch is relatively low, for some older people or taller people, every time you take clothes is a pain if the drum washing machine is placed in a narrow position, then the difficulty of taking clothes will be doubled.

Heavyweight is not easy to carry: rental users are not recommended to buy

The weight of the drum washing machine is a lot heavier than the wave, for tenants who often move, the result of choosing a drum is difficult to carry, usually in the case of moving if the master sees the drum washing machine is going to charge you an additional 100-200 yuan of moving costs because it is too heavy.

So if you are a tenant who moves frequently, then it is not recommended that you choose a drum washing machine, or a lighter wave wheel is more suitable.

High purchase cost upfront High maintenance cost afterward

The drum is not only more expensive to purchase than the wave washing machine, but also in terms of maintenance because the drum has more functions and a more complex structure, which makes the drum more expensive than the wave in terms of maintenance pricing, so you will have to spend more on maintenance of the drum washing machine.


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