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Interesting facts about Bats

Facts about Bats

By Parveen Baloch Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Bats play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. The bat is the only existing mammal which can fly. Bats look scary and are considered bad luck in some places, but on the other hand they are also our favorite in the form of batman. But do you know bats have a lot of importance in nature? What is the important role played by bats in nature, and is their species in danger of extinction?

There are total 1400 different species of bats worldwide. The smallest species of bats which is also considered the smallest mammal of the world is called bumblebee.

Its size is about 28 to 30 mm and the weight is only 2 grams. The largest species of bat is called golden crown flying fox, whose size can be about 5ft and weight can be around 1 kg. The following points prove that the existence of bats is very important, specially for humans.

Importance of bats

1. Bats are farmer's best friends

When farmers grow crops, several kinds of pests, insects, bugs attacked on them, due to which the crops worth lakhs can be destroyed. So, bats eats these crops eating pests and balance their number and help to safe the crops.

2. Bat helps in growing trees

Bats are very essential for Forests growth. Because some species of bats only eat fruits and when they eat fruits, they move from one corner of the forest to other, they poop there. This poop contains seeds which helps in growing trees. In fact, the forest effected by wildfire such as California forest is being regrown by bats. Bats are playing a major role in regrowing it.

3. Bats are crucial pollinators

Some fruits and plants species depends on bats for their reproduction. For example, a plant called agave tequila, from which tequila is formed. Bats are responsible for its reproduction. Not only this, around 300 fruits species pollination also depends on bats.

4. Bats poop acts as a soil conditioner

The poop of bat is Rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are the most important nutrients for plants growth. When the poop of bat get mixed with soil, it reduces the toxicity of soil.

Reason behind bats population decrease

One of the continuous decrease in the population of bat is due to human ignorance. Because most of the people don't know about the importance of bats, and they hunt they for various purposes, like bats are being used in medicine, food and even for fun as well. Another reason of their population decrease is habitat lose. Bats mostly lives in caves, trees, forest and the areas near water. Technology, development and urbanization has disturbed their ideal living conditions. Not only these, the climate change is also effected the food chain of bats, because the growth of insects and fruit is effected by climate change.

Some interesting facts about bats 

1. Bats are not blind

Most of the people believe that bats are blind, can't see. But actually, bats are not blind, even bats can see some lights which is not possible for human to see it. Bats use some wave for communication. Around 70% species of bats communication and the way of finding food is unique. Bat produces a frequency sound from their mother and nose. The frequency of this sound is as much high as even Human can't listen it. When this sound hits an object, it reflects back and then bats receive this sound and determine that object. They can judge the size, distance, shape, even the texture of that object.

2. Most bats sleep upside down

Bats sleep at daytime and awake at night when everyone is sleeping. So the chance for them to become prey increases, that's why they find safe places for sleeping. Mostly they choose caves and tree for this purpose, because they can't be found easily and the reason of their sleeping posture (upside down) is also their safety from predators. Actually, the wings of bats are not that much strong to fly from the ground, that's why when they sleep upside down, they can fly quickly in case of predator attack.

3. Bats are incredibly fast

Some species of bats can fly up to 160 km per hour, which is very impressive according to their size. As amazing as their facts are, as important as their existence is.

Even after having so much importance, still some species of bats are listed in the category of endangered and vulnerable species. So, it is clear that bats play an important role in balancing the ecosystem. Now, the most important step which has to be taken is to replace the negative mindset and myths regarding bats with knowledge and sensitivity.


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  • real Jema2 months ago

    Could shifting public perception from fear to fascination with bats help ensure their survival and ecological contributions?

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