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Discovering a fragment of an ancient colossal statue in Crimea

During excavations on the western side of St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Chersonesos, Crimea, Russian archaeologists discovered part of the largest statue in the history of excavations in the region.

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This was reported by journalists of the press service of the State Historical and Archaeological Museum “Taurida-Chersonesos Reserve” (or (Chersonesos)) in Sevastopol.

The head of the department at the museum, Daniel Kostromichev, said: “A fragment of a marble statue was found in the south of the western entrance to the cathedral, in an archaeological layer dating back to the Roman era.

The proportions of the remaining part of the statue allow that the height of the carved figure was 4 meters, and he explained that the piece discovered today is part of the largest statue that was found in the Chersonesos region.

The discovered piece is part of the foot. Archaeologists have assumed that the statue could represent a Roman emperor. This piece is also supposed to be a sandal made of leather straps. Such sandals were usually worn by soldiers of the Roman army, but it is likely that a statue of a Roman emperor from the first centuries AD was carved in such a size.

Daniel Kostromichev said that the emperors of Rome wore military uniforms, and the emperor is first and foremost the commander-in-chief of the army, and added that the discovery deserves to be displayed in the Chersonesos Museum in Crimea.

In addition to this part of the statue, burial structures dating back to the Middle Ages were discovered in the wild mud in front of the western entrance to the cathedral. Kostromichev explained that studying it will allow checking information about an unknown Christian church that was established after the ninth century AD.

The area where the modern city of Sevastopol is located has been inhabited for 2.5 thousand years. In the years 424-421 BC, an ancient Greek colony was founded there called Chersonesos-Taurida, and the city existed until the end of the fourteenth century AD. It is believed that Prince Vladimir, the ruler of the ancient Russian state, converted here to Christianity in the tenth century AD. Source: TASS

A study reveals "unique features" of tigers that were not expected!

Researchers report in the journal Royal Society Open Science that the behavior of 248 Siberian tigers, given a personality test, showed that they had unique traits that affected their success in reproduction and survival.

"We found that tigers are very individualistic and that people who have worked with them and know them well see their individualistic personalities," co-author Rosalind Arden, from the London School of Economics, told AFP.

The study adapted a commonly used human personality test to explore tiger traits such as confidence, loyalty and ferocity in two separate groups of tigers held in China.

The questionnaires were filled out with a list of 70 personality indicators by veterinarians and feeders who work with tigers on a daily basis.

The pooled results found that both groups of tigers displayed characteristics that fell into two main personality categories: majesty and fortitude. Tigers with higher majesty scores were healthier, preyed on more live animals, and ate and mated more.

The study also said: "Human raters considered them to have higher status among tigers." And the "fixed" tigers turned out to be kinder, more loyal and more loving.

Such traits may play a role in the unusual length of time — two to three years — that tiger cubs stay with their mothers.

The study found very few sex-related differences in the tigers' personalities, and it has also been observed that tiger parents are involved in raising their young.

"It's amusing to see that you don't have to be controlling, fierce, competitive and aggressive to succeed as a tiger," Arden said. "Such studies shed light on primate personality and brainpower that have helped humanize them."

"There is evidence that it actually improves animal welfare and conservation," she added.

It is worth noting that Siberian tigers are threatened with extinction due to poaching and loss of habitat. Only about 500 still live in the wild. Source: ScienceAlert

"Battalion 101" A great interaction for the moment the Egyptian flag was raised in Sinai after a terrorist was hit by an attack helicopter

A large number of social media activists in Egypt interacted with one of the scenes of the series "Battalion 101", which is shown in Ramadan, as it monitors scenes of the elimination of terrorists in Sinai.

The scene monitored an Egyptian attack helicopter striking a terrorist and appearing behind him the moment he tried to raise the flag of "ISIS" on a building in Sinai.

The Egyptian helicopter hit the terrorist, followed by an Egyptian soldier climbing into the building and raising the Egyptian flag, as the shot met with great interaction in Egypt.

The series was written by Iyad Saleh, and produced by Synergy Company. The team filmed the first week of the series, which revolves around Battalion 101 and how it succeeded in confronting the takfiris inside Sinai.

It is noteworthy that on January 28, 2018, takfiris launched an attack on an important military site in the city of Arish, in the northern Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The forces repelled the attack, which was carried out by four gunmen on the headquarters of the 101st Battalion. Source: RT

Canada A Moroccan is running for the title of "The Voice" in Quebec

Tonight, the ninth season of the “The Voice” singing competition will conclude in Quebec, Canada, to choose the best singing voice for the year 2023.

Attention is directed towards the nineteen-year-old Canadian of Moroccan origin, Adam El Mouna, who was able to secure the pass for the final by obtaining 55% of the audience’s votes after he managed to impose himself by singing in a moving theatrical show, thus lining up with four contenders for the final title.

And about his passion for music, Adam says: "I noticed that all the difficult times in my life I was able to overcome thanks to music and musical improvisation..Improvisation is an authentic thing when I resort to it, as it allows me to get rid of my feelings that I am not used to necessarily showing. It is my therapy."

Marc Dupree, one of the supervisors of the competition, considers that Adam is a complete artist who is passionate about creation and creativity and can perform any song as if he is telling a story.

Marc Dupree adds, in a statement to the Canadian press, that Adam also has a wonderful acting talent, loves to play with the camera and is always open to trying new things.

A number of the Moroccan community in Montreal launched a series of calls to support Adam Al-Mouna by voting for him to win the title. Source: Moroccan "Hespress" website

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