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Because of a stolen diamond Camilla replaces the jewels on the coronation crown

The coronation ceremony of King Charles III, tomorrow, Saturday, will also witness the coronation of his wife, Camilla, with a crown belonging to Queen Mary, with modifications to it, due to a controversy over a diamond piece on it.

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According to Buckingham Palace, instead of delegating the selection of a new crown for the coronation service, as is customary in the royal tradition, Camilla will wear a modified version of Queen Mary's crown during the service in Westminster Abbey on May 6, indicating that among the changes made to Camilla's crown, the removal of Replica of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, the original of which was first set on Queen Mary's crown in 1911.

The diamond was added to the crown of Queen Mother Elizabeth, as she appeared with it during the coronation ceremony of King George VI in 1937, and then Queen Elizabeth II wore it during her coronation ceremony in 1953.

The history of the 105-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond is entwined in a chain of conquest and controversy that spans centuries. This diamond passed through the hands of Persian generals, Mughal emperors, and Iranian warriors before it was presented to Queen Victoria by the Vice-President of East India in the 1840s.

"This diamond represents the bloody era in South Asian history, and its origins are somewhat obscure," said Priya Atwal, a writer and historian at the University of Oxford.

It was reported that the controversy surrounding the symbolism of the Koh-i-Noor likely contributed to Camilla's decision to exclude gems from the tiara she would wear during the coronation.

It is reported that shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year, word of mouth about the Kohinoor began to circulate on social media as users discussed royal regalia and the colonial era.

And while the UK has maintained ownership of the Kohinoor, and has held it over the years, its ownership remains a point of international contention. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran all claimed it back from British possession.

And Buckingham Palace stated that Camilla's decision not to choose a new crown is aimed at "sustainability", indicating that choosing to decorate the crown with new jewelry is part of "a long-standing tradition that the introduction of jewelry is to show the individual style of the person who will wear it." Source: abc news

Charles III is crowned king in a thousand-year-old ritual

King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla, were crowned on the throne of the United Kingdom yesterday at Westminster Abbey in London. In solemn religious ceremonies dating back a thousand years of history and traditions, but adapted to reflect an image Britain in the twenty-first century. ‬

Despite the rain, tens of thousands gathered before the ceremony to watch the King and Queen move from Buckingham Palace to the cathedral Surrounded by cavalry, and then to greet the royal family, who looked out from the balcony of the London Palace. ‬

The coronation ceremony was held for the first time in 70 years, as its last version dates back to 1953, when the mother of Charles Elizabeth II assumed the throne and held it until her death in September 2022 at the age of 96, after the longest period rule for Britain. ‬

And the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, placed on the head of Charles III, 74, a made St. Edward's crown Of pure gold, set with precious stones, and covered with a cloth of purple velvet, at the height of the ceremony. ‬

More than 11,000 policemen were deployed to put down any attempt to disrupt the ceremony. Republic said police arrested its leader, Graham Smith, along with five other protesters. ‬

Before the official coronation, Charles, dressed in a white linen shirt, took the oath on the Bible, kneeling on the throne his knees, and then sat down to the seven-centuries-old throne of St. Edward, where he was anointed Holy oil in a scene that is hidden from the eyes of those present by surrounding it with wooden and velvet panels on three sides . ‬

After anointing the oil, Charles reappeared in front of more than two thousand invitees in the cathedral and hundreds of millions of others through the church screens in the world, and receive royal signals, especially the scepter and then the crown that the Bishop of Canterbury placed on his head Before chanting, “May God protect the king!” ‬

Trumpets sounded in the cathedral, while cannonballs reverberated across the UK and from aboard Its military ships across the seas, marking the solemn coronation of the new king. ‬

And the Crown Prince of Wales, William, pledged allegiance to his father, kneeling on his knee and imprinting a kiss on his cheek, before it took place Camilla's coronation ceremony. ‬

Charles and Camilla arrived at the cathedral in royal attire on board the Diamond Jubilee State Coach. » which is drawn by six horses, and belongs to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. ‬

The procession was advanced by two divisions of cavalry and cavalry, and hundreds of soldiers participated in it. Tens of thousands of people lined the procession route, cheering the King and Queen, despite the rain. ‬

And after returning to the royal palace, this time on board the "Gold State Coach" cart drawn by eight Horses, Charles and Camilla looked out from the balcony, each wearing his crown, with William and his wife Kate by their side. and their three children, in addition to my brothers King Edward and Anne. ‬

The attendees watched a Royal Air Force show that was shortened due to rainy weather. After the family members left the balcony inside the palace, they returned shortly to greet the audience again. ‬

Absent from the balcony were family members who had lost their royal privileges, such as Prince Harry, who attended Westminster Abbey Without his wife, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew, brother of King Charles III. ‬

Trumpets sounded throughout the cathedral at the ceremony and ceremonial cannons were fired on land and sea on the occasion of the fifth coronation of the King of Ali. British throne since 1838. ‬

Charles also sought to make the guest list more representative of British society, so he invited members of the general public to sit down Along with heads of state, kings and princes from around the world.

Although the ceremony is rooted in history, those in charge of it are trying to present a picture of a monarchy A nation looking to the future.

For his part, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “No other country can do something like this The dazzling show processions, celebrations and festivals in the streets. He added, "It is an expression of pride in our history, culture and traditions living proof of the modern character of our country and its rituals." We cherish it, and a new era is born from its womb.”

Despite Sunak's enthusiasm, the coronation came amidst a high price crisis and popular skepticism about the role and importance of monarchy, especially in among young men.

“The ghost of death” “a terrifying guest” appears at the coronation ceremony of Charles III

One of the cameras spotted a ghost resembling the "angel of death" as they imagine it in the West, carrying a mahbala, during the coronation ceremony of Charles III, King of Britain, yesterday, Saturday, according to media reports.

The newspaper, "Daily Mail": "Every big party attracts uninvited guests, but fans of the royal family joked that they saw the angel of death personally in Westminster Abbey during the coronation of Charles."

In a video widely circulated on Twitter, a figure in a black cloak with a hood can be seen scurrying down the aisle, holding something resembling a vagina. One of the users commented on the scene: "Here came death carrying his vagina!" Source: agencies

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