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by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 15 days ago in Pop Culture / Humanity
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Sometimes We Need Help To See, Sometimes We Can Help Others to See

A Clear View


I am nothing special. To most people, I am not even a ghost and to some their actions emphasise that, although they expect a lot of input from me without reciprocation, but eventually they lose me, so if I come back to you it’s because I respect and care for you.

However I do feel there are people I should support more and give more to but I just don’t have the time, but am always looking for ways to make that time.

What Caused Me To Write This

Today somebody told me that I was wrong and something that had happened couldn’t possibly have happened (It had happened). People often tell me I am wrong and then completely close me down, that’s their loss.

Many years ago I took a psychological test and was told I had a major problem. When I asked what the problem was he told me “You always want to be right”.

When I asked him to tell me what was wrong with that, he refused to answer. I asked him if HE wanted to be right in his assessment of me. He told me to leave as he had to see the next person.

Yes, I always want to be right, but I always want to know if I am wrong and what I have to do to fix the situation. I love constructive criticism because that helps me make everything I do right.

Anyway back to the first paragraph in this section, while what the person was saying was right in a limited context, when I pointed out why this impossible event was actually possible the condition was accepted.

In most of my work, I always go for a holistic view, taking everything into consideration before taking the required actions. While everything is not always connected we often find that things sometimes unexpectedly are and then need to factor that into our final decisions.

There are times when focus has to be on a single item and that can mean we lose sight of things that might affect what we are doing but it is always good to prepare beforehand to ensure there is a fallback option. Another possibility is to ask someone else's opinion or view on something which may show you something you have missed or may put you on a better path.

There Must Be A Better Way

That is my permanent modus operandi. I am always looking for ways to improve everything and I always try to map out things and if people can’t see the picture I try my best to show them. There are those that will not listen, a couple of ex-bosses were prime examples of that, but most people are like me, they want to be right all the time.

I know that I am not right all the time and if I am not I want to be told why. I hit an issue at work last week, told a colleague I had a problem balancing figures and he took a look and said I had extracted data for the wrong period. That was spot on. You must always ask for help if you cannot work something out and help may make it clear how to solve the problem.

In Conclusion

Sometimes we can’t see things, sometimes others can’t see things. If we can see we need to show others and if we can’t see we need to be able to ask others to help us see.

Clarity is beneficial to us all.

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  • Gina C.8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your perspective! I am the opposite; I always think I’m wrong… or that I didn’t do something well enough. It’s a confidence thing! I love the idea of asking for help!

  • Rick Henry8 days ago

    This was a very interesting insight and what it means to always be right. So maybe it's not a bad thing to always be right. As long as you can see the other side of things or take the constructive criticism and learn and grow from it. Good job.

  • Wow Mike this was powerful and heartfelt. I really feel I relate to you. Except I think I'm slightly different in my struy. I struggle a lot to engage with people the way I feel they deserve nuy definitely try my best. Your post really helped me! Thank you for writing it! Beautiful ❤️

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