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5 Ways to Make Yourself Not Care What Others Think

Live for yourself, not for what others think.

By lifeisconfusing_butstillalivePublished about a month ago 3 min read
5 Ways to Make Yourself Not Care What Others Think
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The meaning of living is to be who you want to be, and honestly, the meaning of life is nothing if you live by other people's opinions, because it's just a machine, not your true self!

To follow your own thoughts and feelings, to aspire to the world you want to live in, that's the truth of living. I'm also learning not to care about what others think, and even though I haven't become perfect yet, I'm aware that I've taken the first step because I've learned that I shouldn't live for what others think, but for what I feel. After all, it can be really tiring and boring to live by what others think.

You guys can refer from my method to see that.

1. Excessively imposing other people's ideas on you.

Remember that no one is perfect, even in the efforts are good cannot be perfect, there will always be things that you can't do, we can do is to make themselves better or become their own want to look like. Always care about other people will think that maybe I should become what they think or think of other people's views may be all the crowd will do, but you have to understand to do your own as well as focusing on your own feelings is the most important, maybe some of the ideas of others is good for us, but also to distinguish between themselves, remember to be sure to distinguish between the importance of the importance of the matter, do not even if it is wrong, but also added in their own minds!

2. Learn not to feel inferior

Too low self-esteem people always feel that they cannot compare with others and too humble, and often condescend to their own achievements of others, and such a group of people always live a very tired. To be honest, everyone has their own good side, there is no need to think too much, do not think for others to get along with others must go to speculate on the thoughts of others and their own speculation to make the results of the demeaning to accompany them, there is no need to feel that they must be the worst among friends, we themselves are already the best. Our own feelings are the most important thing. People with low self-esteem will forget their own feelings, so be confident.

3. Don't try to figure others out

I always try to figure out what other people are thinking so that I don't embarrass myself or the other person, and I try to do my best by repeating myself over and over again, but it's quite tiring and not fun at all. Trying to figure out what others think is also a tactic to get along with each other, so I won't deny this tactic, but sometimes over-trying to figure it out will only make you more tired and gradually you will only put the other person first, which is not a tactic at all, but only a kind of burden to make yourself suffer.

4. Choose not to be a sensitive person

What is a sensitive person? Simply put, it's when people don't mean to say bad things about you or put you down, but you feel that they mean you harm and want to hurt you. Remember to tell yourself, "There aren't that many people watching you in life, everyone is busy with their own life". Only if you understand, you will not be so sensitive, words that is some kind of hint, this kind of hint can achieve the unexpected thought, I am now using this method every day to avoid overthinking.

5. Learn to be responsible for your own life

You live your own life, simply put is a game of your own, the protagonist is you not others, no one can manipulate you. No one can manipulate you. Be good to yourself, be responsible for the future of your own life, and do not be influenced by the views of others, then the game is a sure win.

#Remember, think about life, marvel at life, and move on.


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  • Sweileh 888about a month ago

    Interesting and delicious content. Keep posting more now

lifeisconfusing_butstillaliveWritten by lifeisconfusing_butstillalive

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