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"Will Computers Replace Humans?"

by Daniel A Romero 4 months ago in tech
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that human nature is in

 "Will Computers Replace Humans?"
Photo by Gabriel Heinzer on Unsplash

"Will computers replace humans?"

  -- this is a hot topic of debate among computer experts at present, and a concern for many ordinary people.

  Many experts say that in today's era of rapid technological development, this will undoubtedly become the great crisis of the 21st century. And I have read the analysis of an expert, I think it is quite profound. Here's what he said: "Humans can't be replaced by computers, because at least for now, computers with autonomous consciousness have not been created." He believes that "autonomous consciousness" is an important factor for humans to conquer computers. He believes that "autonomous consciousness" is an important factor for humans to conquer computers.

  "Self-awareness", although I have not studied it seriously, I am impressed by these four words. They have some philosophical connotations that I often ponder.

  I remember that it was a sunny early spring, and I broke my habit of staying out of the house for a long time, and went to the street for a day of sunbathing, and stayed in the afterglow of the sunset until the evening. In the evening at home when I was happily humming a little song to reflect on the good mood of the day, I was suddenly caught by the floor sweeper working non-stop. As I watched it running back and forth, I thought, "Does it sense the warmth of spring today? Can it hum a little song to express its emotions when it feels happy?

  Not. This is perhaps the so-called "autonomous consciousness". The robot's mode of action is always monotonous and repetitive, only by the established procedures in the receipt of instructions and instructions to complete the switch. Humans are different. We will receive instructions through our consciousness to judge and adjust, according to our situation to take a different way to complete the instructions.

  In the modern fast-paced society, the human way of thinking is being transformed and distorted. A strong sense of purpose has led to a gradually programmed way of life.

  I once read a story about a traveler who came across an old man trimming weeds on the train tracks. The old man told him that he didn't know where the tracks led, that the company that told him to clean the tracks hadn't given him any news for fifty years, and that he had been working away for fifty years without returning home, and that he had always believed that as long as he worked, the company would pay his wife and children at home. Farewell to the old man, the traveler continued to walk forward and ran into another old man, surprisingly, this old man and the old man just said the same thing, except that he was sent by the company to follow the previous old man to remove the tracks.

  Perhaps this is what society sadly looks like when human thinking becomes more and more patterned. Who brought humanity to this situation? It was never the computers and robots.

  Find the "self-consciousness" that has been abandoned in the corner, give yourself some attention, occasionally leisurely as a folk artist, give yourself space, quiet meditation, clear what you should do, or learn from the ancient literati to express their thoughts, exciting words. -- these are not the expression of human nature?

  Give yourself some attention, with some philosophical air, and find "self-awareness".

I believe that computers will not replace human beings, and I also believe that human beings can firmly grasp the treasure of "self-awareness" given by God to human beings. I always believe: that human nature is in.


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