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This Is Life

by Daniel A Romero 4 months ago in Short Story
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This is life, but also human nature.

This Is Life
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Life is never fragile. Human nature is mostly good, sometimes not.

  I remember very well the year I visited a relative's house.

  There was a dog in front of his house, which was not that big when he came before, but now it has grown very big and fierce, barking twice as soon as someone passed by the road, seemingly very loyal. Just because it is very fierce, afraid to scare the children at home, it was chained up.

  The big yellow dog had a few puppies the year before. Also grew up a lot. At first, all lost puppies, after all, do not want to keep. Later, one ran back and then did not drive away.

  That day we went there, the puppy seemed particularly excited. He kept chasing us and barking. Usually do not dare to go upstairs, but that day surprisingly upstairs, but also barking.

  Uncle's personality is not very good, so we rarely visit. Listen to the dog barking, not to say a few words to take a stick towards the dog to fight.

  Just listen to the dog's whimpering, has been constantly barking. At first, because it kept chasing me and barking, it was very frightening to me, so I was very disgusted and only hid. But when I saw the dog being brutally knocked down with a stick, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Maybe it is a kind of pity.

  The dog repeatedly, the uncle will not be able to stand. After rushing downstairs, downstairs also chased and beat, beat to that dog has almost no strength whimpering when, grabbed its two hind legs, directly pick up.

  That day, it was raining. The sky is still gray, in the rain, a figure and a dog. The dog could no longer move but was still whimpering reluctantly.

  The old dog at the door kept barking, there were not many people or cars on the road. Probably heard his child barking helplessly, but he could do nothing about it. It struggled against all odds and watched as the child came closer and closer to itself. It fought and jumped on a low wall, even though it was a low wall, and it just wanted to do what it could to do what it wanted to do.

  With that, the puppy's figure was getting farther and farther away from itself. And it couldn't do anything more by itself.

  It finally stopped barking, although I didn't find its barking noisy. It fell to the ground as if it had lost its soul, allowing the rain to grow louder and louder with a small whimper.

  The dog seemed to have been thrown into a dry river from what the others had said. The same lay there, only the difference is that it no longer makes a sound.

  I have been silent about this, I thought, this may be life. How fragile, as long as God is so cruel, we can also be like that dog.

  It is said that God is fair. But what about human nature, selfish and fragile, he causes life to go, he makes it fragile.

  From that cry to that long sigh, how many days and nights in between, laughing and crying, the warmth of humanity is covered by a page of words on this, to silence. People are selfish, greedy, sinister, and hypocritical, which is their nature that cannot be erased; people are tolerant, kind, sincere, and light-hearted, which is also their nature. The world of the most good is heaven, the existence of the evilest is hell, and the living can not see these, which means that human nature must be the third: the intertwining of good and evil. Those famous officials, or the city scoundrels, but also, in the end, only a hundred years of the life of the animal, the soul of the dead.

  What you see is not necessarily what you see, what you hear is not necessarily what you hear, you and those who are worshipped, reviled, there is no difference.

  This is life, but also human nature.

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