Which Sci-Fi Universe Would You Want to Live in?

by Craig House about a year ago in science fiction

Do you love sci-fi? Well, what sience fiction universe would you like to live in?

Different universes. We’ve all fantasised about them. And I bet you’ve thought at some point, whilst watching your favourite sci-fi programme, "What would it be like to actually live there?" But despite the sometimes fantastical surroundings, existing in these universes probably wouldn’t be all fun and games. I’ll run you through what it’d probably be like to inhabit these diverse, enthralling worlds.

'Doctor Who'

Travel anywhere in space and time? Yes please. However, travelling with the Doctor in his Tardis ultimately means you’ll encounter a lot of danger. How many of the Doctor’s companions have met terrible ends due to getting caught up in the Gallifreyan’s mess? If there is a galactic travel brochure, then ask the Doctor if you can flick through it before deciding what you want to do. Ultimately though, you could stick with the tried and tested by simply time-surfing on Earth, but who wouldn’t, given the opportunity, travel the stars? Being a companion is always going to be full of risks, but with the Tardis, you can have the chance to see anything. However, because you can’t travel around the universe in a tatty, blue police box, then travelling by aeroplane is the best you can hope for (right now). And unfortunately, unlike the Tardis, you can’t park wherever you want. However, through Parking At Airports, you can make sure that when you do travel the world, you’re not paying a premium for parking.

'Star Wars'

Your experience will depend on whereabouts on the timeline you pitch up your tent, but it doesn’t look good. Wherever you look, there’s probably war going on. I mean, there was relative stability in the Republic just before the events of The Phantom Menace, so if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, it’s probably best to choose there. Only a masochist would choose to live during the era of the Galactic Empire, knowing what fear and control they can instill (remember what happened to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru?). However, there is something romantic in fighting for the Rebels against the evil Empire to free the galaxy. It’s sure dangerous, but if you still want to live in the Star Wars galaxy, by now, you’d have guessed that already. You’re here for a good time, not a long time, right? So now you’ve decided that you want to go, so first you’ll have to decide how to get there (impossible) and which planet you’ll want to live on. Well this video will hopefully help you make up your mind.

'Star Trek'

Let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t know how to fix your TV if it broke, so like hell are you getting a posting as a science officer on a Starfleet ship. If you do have the technological or medical skills, however, chances are that you could be riding aboard one of the ships in the United Federation of Planets’ fleet. However, even if you are living that lucky life, it’s still hard work. You’re on board that ship to do a job, and even when you do have time off to relax in your quarters, you’re still at your place of work. This article makes the argument that living on the Enterprise wouldn’t be great. Ultimately, it’s a more advanced form of the military, from rank to roles to regalia—seriously, how many Starfleet officers have you seen in civvies? And that’s even before we get onto the risk of being attacked by an unknown alien species. In the world of Star Trek, it’s probably more prosperous and calming to lead a civilian life, but then, at the same time, would you turn down the chance to discover new extraterrestrial life?

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Craig House
Craig House
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