Which Member of 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are You?

by Craig House 5 months ago in star trek

Space. The final frontier. If you have the chance to join the voyages of the 'Star Trek: Discovery', then which crew member would you be most like?

If you were the Traveler, who could you shapeshift into and remain undetected? Or, if you don’t want to be that sinister, who could you replace on the team and the effect not be felt? Well, let’s run through the contenders.

Michael Burnham

You think you’re the star of the show, even though you’re not in charge. You’re mentally strong and firmly set in your beliefs, having drive to carry out what you think is right, even when everyone is saying you’re wrong. This belief takes on many forms and has led to many rebellious acts, which you can revisit time and time again if you get your hands on the DVD or Blu-Ray of the series. Through sites such as Discount Promo Codes, you can make a great saving on a whole range of things from sites such as Amazon, My Geek Box and 365 Games.


You get scared of a lot of things, so much so you probably sleep with the light on. When all of your friends are having fun and taking risks, you’re the one who sits back and watches, not getting involved. You’re a massive hypochondriac and can never rest until everything and everyone is safe. Ultimately though, you’re always looking out for your friends and want the best for them.


Cold and analytical. You overanalyse almost everything and struggle to see the emotion in anything, only looking for the logic in it. This means you probably can’t enjoy many forms of entertainment, with chess being your only source of "fun"—that’s if Spock ever has fun.

Sylvia Tilly

A little bit hyper and over-energetic, but ultimately you have a heart of pure gold. You care a lot about your friends and will do anything for them. You wear your emotions on your sleeves and sometimes your emotions can get the better of you, be it when you’re under intense pressure or you’re meeting your heroes. Just take a look at what she was like when she met Michael for the first time.

Paul Stamets

Like a gooey chocolate, hard shell on the outside, but soft inside. At work you’re a steely, confident but standoffish person, kind of like someone on the early shift that hasn’t had their morning coffee yet. However, when you get home, you leave all that behind, as you have something, or someone, to appreciate.

Ash Tyler

Socially you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, with every group of friends you have treating you with distrust and suspicion. You made a big mistake in the past, which you ultimately regret, and your friends pretend they’ve forgiven you, but you know deep down they have reservations. You’re trying your best to fix things though, and you’ve learnt from your mistakes.

Hugh Culber

Kind, calm, caring and considerate. You’re either a medic, want to be, or maybe you’re just a very caring person. Most likely to be that member of your friend group who is there to pick up the ones who are down, in difficulty or dire straights.

Captain Pike

Cool and composed under pressure, you are deeply loyal and are a conscientious leader. You’re not afraid to make the big, difficult decisions, but you’re also mindful of the impact it will have on the rest of the team. The captain of the best Star Trek crew since the OGs of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Philippa Georgiou

You can’t help showing your face, even though you’re not invited. You’re also a bit more unpredictable and aggressive than you used to be. It feels like you’ve lived two different lives, and you’re struggling to settle into a good rhythm, as you feel like a fish out of water—everyone knows who you are, but you don’t know them.

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Craig House
Craig House
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