Craig House

Creative entrepreneur, freelance designer and all round business savvy youth. 

Cheap Thrills: Getting It On for Less
15 hours ago
So what can be done to give you the satisfaction that you crave, whilst it also not affecting your bank balance too much? It’s a tricky thing to get right, but hopefully I can offer a few tips.
Finding Value in the Transfer Window
15 hours ago
However, with the transfer window still open, there are many more deals to be done. In this inflated transfer market, with players going for tens of millions of pounds, it can be hard for some clubs to strike a good deal and get value for money. So what can clubs do to avoid paying extortionate fees?
Forget the MCU, It’s All About the MGU
2 days ago
It has seen Marvel transform from a comic book company struggling to keep afloat into an entertainment titan. However, one goldmine has yet to be tapped fully is the world of gaming. Early in the MCU’s life, there were a few movie tie-in games produced; but in recent years, that trend in the video game industry has all-but died out. Now Marvel, instead of looking at producing games based on their movies, are branching out into exclusive re-imaginings for the Playstation 4. So what has happened s...
Professional Tips for the Perfect Pics
2 days ago
Whether you want to take to Discount promo codes to find some discounted professional equipment, just use your phone camera, or go old school with a disposable you can take your skills to the next level by following some of these professional top tips to getting that perfect photo every time.
Being Queer Is Still a Quandary
2 days ago
As the years go on, it does feel that in certain circles, it is much easier to lead a free, open life if you identify as LGBT. However, in a few countries, gay rights are going in the opposite direction, and the amount of reported homophobic and transphobic attacks have actually increased. So what can be done to halt this slide, and what steps can everyone do to help out your queer friends or neighbours? Well, thankfully, there are a few things you can do.
Which Member of 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are You?
6 days ago
If you were the Traveler, who could you shapeshift into and remain undetected? Or, if you don’t want to be that sinister, who could you replace on the team and the effect not be felt? Well, let’s run through the contenders.