What Is a Retrograde?

Not All Retrogrades Are the Same

What Is a Retrograde?
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A retrograde is basically when a planet or several planets move directly to the opposite of earth. A retrograde can be for planets, as well as astroids. These are times where we want to reflect and look into the past. No retrograde is very special, because each and every time there’s a retrograde it’s usually in a sign that is either its own planetary ruler, or its opposite to that, meaning let’s say for example we just had a Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Neptune only goes retrograde once every 160 days.

So with retrograde you have to understand how a planet behaves, or an astroid behaves, as well as its own cycle in its own orbit. So with the retrograde in Pisces, and Neptune actually ruling Pisces, this is kind of rare, but what will happen is that. The 5-D would be easier to connect with, and contact or get in touch with than it usually would when Neptune goes direct. You have to think of it as if Neptune himself is arising from the depths of the ocean to be in the shallows. That’s very rare for him to do, so for him to do that, and then be in the sign of Pisces.

That means he’s going to be constantly going between the depths and the shallows, and bringing the depths to the shallow part of the beach; that is very intense. So at this point in the game, you would have to also look at the part of your chart in your astrology chart that would show where either you have Neptune, or houses that are ruled by Neptune. So let’s say for example you are a Pisces sun, that means Neptune was really having a major effect on you at this time of its own retrograde. Now I’m going to get a little bit more into this, because this is me just giving a very broad point on retrograde. Retrogrades are about reflecting right, so if there was a Pisces sun ruled by Neptune.

Neptune is currently out in the shallows. That means that my sun sign for my representation of my soul is currently having to go within to its higher state of consciousness. In order for me to get to know myself better, to purge what needs to be purged in order to move forward in my life, and to make my dreams a true reality. Now a retrograde can last for days, weeks, or months. It just really depends on how the planet behaves. If the planet is slow-moving, then usually the retrograde will last months. If it is a moderate type of planet, where it’s kind of just at its own pace, it goes fast and slow, it’ll probably be weeks.

If the planet is a fast-moving planet like mercury, then that retrograde is only going to last for 30 to 60 days. The planets that do go retrograde, they begin to shift in their alignment as the days lead up to the day where the retrograde will begin to move in an indirect movement. This process takes time, so you have a period where it starts to move backwards. Once that planet starts to move backwards in opposition to earth You begin to slowly see the retrograde take effect in your life, but it doesn’t necessarily do it until the planet or asteroid is in full retrograde phase.

Now some people say, “oh retrograde can affect you unless you allow them to.” but I beg to differ. I have tried that approach myself, and that does not work for me. So, what I have learned is not only do I reflect to retrospect, but I also look in that area of where the retrograde is in my chart. What sign the retrograde in and what areas of my chart does it rule. Then I look at what I need to work on in this area of my life. Then I let the planet do it’s job, while I do my work with that planet or house that is being affected. When I do that, my life is easier, everything goes the way I want it to go—in the way it is supposed to divinely go. If you would like to know why this summer was so hard, we had a summer of retrogrades. If you’re interested in reading my reasoning for all of the retrogrades, go ahead and stay tuned for more information on this insight.

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