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We Bet You Can’t Name Every Mark Hamill Cameo In 'Star Wars' Since 2015

by Culture Slate 10 months ago in star wars
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Aside from his legendary portrayal of the farmboy-turned-Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill is also famously known for his superb voice acting skills, He notably was the voice of Joker in the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series. What many do not know, however, is that he has had many voice cameos in Star Wars productions since 2015 (when Force Awakens was released), something which was revealed by a recent tweet.

In response to Wookieepedia's tweet about his cameo in The Mandalorian (to be discussed below), Hamill revealed that he had "voiced multiple secret voice-cameos in every #StarWars movie released since 2015," which he later clarified as the sequel trilogy, Solo, and Rogue One.

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Those who have been following Hamill closely on Twitter may also recalled that last year the actor mentioned his voice-cameo appearances in Solo and Rogue One under the pseudonym "William M. Patrick" (for his older and younger brothers). This name was displayed in the credits at the end of the aforementioned movies. He has, however, been cryptic as to his exact voice role, allowing theories and speculations to run rampant.

With that in mind, here is a list of Mark Hamill's known (and potential) Star Wars cameos since 2015.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Most may only know that Mark Hamill reprised his role as Luke Skywalker. He appeared at the end of the movie in a scene where he silently turned around to see Rey handing him Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber. However, the actor revealed through a tweet that he actually had spoken lines in The Force Awakens. With no "Patrick Williams" or "William M. Patrick" in the credits, fans speculate that his pseudonym for his voice cameo was a "Patrick Correll", who played "Resistance Medic" in a scene where he said "we got a heartbeat" when the injured Finn returned to the Resistance base. The possible explanation was that Patrick is the name of Hamill's brother, and Correll is an homage to Corellia, home of the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

In the chaotic casino scene, Mark Hamill portrayed Dobbu Scay, the drunken, diminutive gambler who mistook BB-8 as a lugjack machine and kept inserting coins into different slots of the droid. His voice acting talent was showcased when the herd of fathiers stampeded through the casino, Scay screeched in laughter as the chaos led to coins spilling all over the floor around him. It is interesting to note that Hamill not only did its voice, but he actually filmed the scenes in a motion-capture suit, giving life to the character.

Star Wars: Episode IX - Rise of Skywalker

Appearing on the credits as Patrick Williams, Mark Hamill voiced Boolio, the Sinta Glacier Colony mine overseer who delivered valuable intelligence to the Resistance by providing a data file outlining Palpatine's return and plan for the Final Order. Despite his contribution, Boolio met his tragic end when he was decapitated by Kylo Ren after his secret aiding of the Resistance was uncovered.

Solo: A Star Wars Story AND Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Under the name of William M. Patrick, Hamill made a voice-cameo appearance in Han Solo's origin movie but his actual role was never revealed. One may speculate that he voiced one of Enfys Nest's Cloud Riders, but there was no confirmation. Similarly, in Rogue One, William M. Patrick appeared on the credits as one of the "additional voices". Given Hamill's superb voice acting abilities, there could be no telling as to which character he voiced. While some believe that he was the voice of the Yavin base intercom, others took a step further and surmise that he voiced the disturbingly-weird mind-reader Bor Gullet at Saw Gerrera's hideout.

The Mandalorian

As mentioned before, Hamill was the voice of EV-9D9, the droid bartender at the Chaimun Spaceport Cantina appearing next to Din Djarin in Season 1 Episode 5: "The Gunslinger." Interestingly, this was the same droid who served as Jabba the Hutt's chief of cyborg operations in Return of the Jedi, notoriously remembered as the droid torturer at Jabba's palace. Of course, Hamill reprised his role as Luke Skywalker himself in the heartwarming Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.

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Written By Geoff Lo

Source: Radio Times

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