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The Vegaa Star Saga Rebirth V

by LUiS Thompson 17 days ago in star wars
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Written by LUiS Thompson

“I hold out hope that we can turn this crisis to our advantage.” - Lorrd Raiden

Log-line: "A powerful force wielder is transported to another world in the face of new danger in an attempt to warn his allies using an ancient technique."

Dramatic Question: "Will this Jedi ever return to his home-world in one piece?"

“As the speed of light in the form of a human emerged from a time-lapse-like paradox, the being realized he had created a slew of worlds behind him. One in which two gods had a child who viciously roamed the universe, destroying the galaxy piece by piece.

Dimensions eventually merged and manifolded over one another as a result. This crack, much to the surprise of the light beings, created a new multiverse, which in turn created new worlds throughout the galaxy. It started the force combining with the universe in its infinite form.”

Towards the direction of the Light.

On his way to becoming a full-fledged Jedi, Obi-Wan faced numerous perils and emotional trials. Never realizing that training the apparent chosen one would have been impossible without his duty to fulfill his former Master's request.

Obi-Wan knew that returning to his present time was all that mattered, and that his ultimate goal was to restore balance to the force. When the dust settled, Obi-Wan could see the disbelief on the dark wizard Slytherin's face, as well as the temporarily unconscious Salazar Monster and a few elementals in human form, who thankfully appeared to try to help the injured Jedi.

One of the three elementals who appeared just at the right time was the deity who communicated with Obi-Wan before he arrived at this new battleground.

The Wind Deity Fujin.

At the very least, seeing a familiar face gave Obi-Wan the confidence to continue fighting, ignoring any injuries he had sustained in his fight with Slytherin.

Obi-Wan felt his energy reaching the potential required to end this battle once and for all as the gargantuan snake monster Captain Salazar was once forming began to regress back to a more human state. The elemental deity, whose arms were wrapped in sheets of grayish winds as if the wind itself had layered his body in protective armor, launched his attack on the dark wizard atop the waterfall.

Into the Abyss of Battle.

Obi-Wan gripped his lightsaber tightly as he charged into battle with the electric and aquatic deity to face Captain Salazar and whatever power the captain had within himself.

The neon aura Obi-Wan had been witnessing throughout his time in the earthly cave began to coagulate off of the unconscious Captain Salazar as the warriors joined.

Strengthened by Age.

Sprawling off the ground in a burst of energy, the Captain hollered in a pirate cry similar to how animals call out to one another in the wild and landed on his feet, deflecting all of the Deities and Jedi's frontal assault offense.

Captain Salazar laughed maniacally as he front kicked the aquatic purplish deity to the side, and by taking two steps back, managed to elbow the Jedi in the back and keep up the pace as the electric deity used his lightning powered hand blades to continue attacking the pirate lord for the time being.

The Element of Wind.

The wind deity charged in with an impactful longing drop kick to Slytherin's chest, back flipped while suspended in the air, and speared the wizard off the cliff of the waterfall and into the body of water surrounding the other warriors with the assistance of his wind power.

The hollering battle cries of each deity were shouted with every elemental move used to give energy to any ability performed against Captain Salazar and Slytherin. Despite his physically aged appearance, Obi-Wan tried to maintain a youthful enthusiasm from within as he witnessed powerful magic of various varieties in its purest form.

An evacuation has been planned.

Obi-Wan noticed billows of dark green clouds floating in the atmosphere that looked like tree moss gathering in the distance and wondered what options for escape the sinister duo were considering in their moment of defeat.

Before the pirate lord could summon the snake monster's powerful abilities again, the Jedi used the force to leap high above Captain Salazar's head, landing behind him before delivering the decapitation blow. Captain Salazar's body remained motionless for a fraction of a second before dark purple blood oozed from where the head would have been.

On the dunes of Dathomiria.

Obi-Wan had never taken such violent and decisive action before, but in this world he knew he'd be faced with the most dire of situations if he didn't put an end to this evil before him.

The Jedi reflected on his defeat of the dathomirian sith lord Darth Maul back on Naboo and was reminded of what it would take to avenge his fallen mentor Qui-Gon Jinn similar to defeating the pirate lord Captain Salazar now.

Copyright © 2022 LUiS Thompson

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LUiS Thompson

When he's not designing or laying down brutalities in Mortal Kombat, LUiS Thomspon is establishing a foundation for himself, his fans, and the horror, science fiction, and fan fiction writing communities.


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