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The Vegaa Star Saga Rebirth IV

by LUiS Thompson 16 days ago in star wars · updated 8 days ago
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Written by LUiS Thompson

"The rain falls when it may." - Lorrd Rain

Log-line: "A powerful force wielder is transported to another world in the face of new danger in an attempt to warn his allies using an ancient technique."

Dramatic Question: "Will this Jedi ever return to his home-world in one piece?"

“As the speed of light in the form of a human emerged from a time-lapse-like paradox, the being realized he had created a slew of worlds behind him. One in which two gods had a child who viciously roamed the universe, destroying the galaxy piece by piece."

"Dimensions eventually merged and manifolded over one another as a result. This crack, much to the surprise of the light beings, created a new multiverse, which in turn created new worlds throughout the galaxy. It started the force combining with the universe in its infinite form.”

What other wonders did this new world have to offer?

Obi-Wan exited the newly formed oriental dragon symbol, holding his talisman in one hand and his lightsaber in the other, and found himself in a cave nearly identical to the first sea cave he encountered, Captain Salazar and the mystic white snake.

Looking over his surroundings, the Jedi was shocked to see a livable ecosystem within this new cave. The cave was filled with lush trees and bushes bearing fruits and berries, the sounds of waterfalls cascading into the air added to the ambiance, and even clouds could be seen above that stretched for miles.

I detected an evil in the stratosphere ahead of me.

A unfamiliar storm was approaching the aged Jedi off in the distance, and its dark green aura was moving quickly.

As the emerald-colored aura of the clouds eventually approached the Jedi running in the opposite direction, the clouds began to form the shape of a skull with a snake for a tongue, complete with long fangs and black eyes.

I'll have to deflect this attack when the time is right.

The long fangs of the cloud-shaped snake extended as it attempted to strike the aged Jedi just as he spun around with a strike of his sapphire-colored lightsaber.

When the Jedi noticed the tip of the fang had transformed thus materializing into an ebony magic wand held by the dark wizard Slytherin standing in front of the waterfall, he was caught off guard. The wand looked ancient, its bark was from a world completely unknown to the Jedi.

What dimension did this magician come from?

As each combatant anticipated the next attack, the wizard smirked with egocentricity and the Jedi remained calm and expressionless as the two exchanged intense stares at one another.

Obi-Wan used his force push to gain the advantage of distance while the wizard whispered a spell that made the ebony wand glow a bright neon green color. The two figures didn't say much during their battle, but they knew there were many lives at stake, and that the ultimate goal was either gaining or destroying power.

Obi-Wan used the force to throw the lightsaber like a boomerang, hoping it would hit the target and return to him. However, just as the blue saber was about to sever the wizard's bone from his flesh, Slytherin vanished in a dark shadow-like mist before the impact.

Thank the Force. I'd been carrying my lightsaber the entire way.

On the cliff of the waterfall above Obi-Wan, the dark wizard directed a bolt of neon green lightning to strike down at the Jedi himself.

Even with his lightsaber shielding him from the full force of the wizard's magical strike, some of the wizard's magical strike pierced the Jedi's robes and passed through his body.

Falling to his knees, Obi-Wan loosened his grip on his saber and attempted to use his force meditation technique to heal his wounds, while the Salazar Monster's enormous head erupted from the center of the waterfall behind him, widening its mouth in an attempt to consume the Jedi whole.

I was completely taken aback by the forces assisting me in battle on this particular day.

Rain drops, the booming of thunder, and intense winds began to form all around the three individuals on the battlefield.

Before the Jedi could use the power of the newly formed talisman to slow down time and allow him to analyze the battlefield and devise a new plan, Obi-Wan had to cover his eyes due to the bright light emitting the colors blue, white, and purple appearing in the sky.

A strangely dressed figure in dark purple and gold garments uses a supercharged water infused kick to knock the Salazar Monster to the side with extreme force just as the Salazar Monster is about to attack the weakened Obi-Wan.

Did this powerful being have control over all fluids?

When the dust settled, Obi-Wan was confronted by Slytherin atop of the waterfall, the unconscious Salazar Monster on the ground for the moment, and a few elementals in human form, who appeared thankfully in an attempt to save the injured Jedi.

One of the three elemental who arrived was the figure engulfed in light who spoke with Obi-Wan prior to his arrival at this new battleground.

How many encounters will I have with mystical beings in this world?

Copyright © 2022 LUiS Thompson

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LUiS Thompson

When he's not designing or laying down brutalities in Mortal Kombat, LUiS Thomspon is establishing a foundation for himself, his fans, and the horror, science fiction, and fan fiction writing communities.


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