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The Payne of The Bite Saga (Pt.1)

by LUiS Thompson about a year ago in fantasy
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Inspired by the Dead by Daylight & Left 4 Dead Video Games

Chapter One Begins


Four survivors must escape infected citizens and dark entities to find a research facility within modern-day North Carolina.

Dramatic Question:

"How will the past of these four survivors come back to haunt them in the afterlife?"

Story Layout Part One

Unraveling the Map: Introduce us to your characters in the beginning.

What waits in the Afterlife.

"When we suffer, we suffer in silence, and the world likes it that way." When I was created I was brought into a world filled with hope even when much despair was present. Told to me by my forefathers long ago, tales of a mighty Being who roamed the world and laid waste to the land on Earth everywhere. The forces of light and dark had been one combined power during this time and fought the mighty being and its legion for eons. One day during the long war, the mighty being ripped apart the Combined Power in two halves during combat and created the dark and light realms. With the creation of these two realms, a new war had dawned. I came from a lineage of mystic sage warriors (distinguished as Dark Shadows) who guard the world of the living against entities crossing over from the afterlife (known as Haunters'). Dark structures from within the darkness's are bonded together to construct a cage-like claw that takes forgotten souls to the Haunters' realm. From there the Haunters' actualize the forgotten souls with a powerful weapon known as a Dark Engine.

The mystic sage warriors are tasked to not only find these Haunters' but also return any lost souls in the Haunters' possession. As a Dark Shadow, my quest to continue the battle with those from the Haunter realm forever lives on and shall be passed down in death. The mystic sage priestess and leader of my tribe named Elder Gloom has a close bond with the afterlife and could sense extreme danger approaching. Elder Gloom has recently had a prophetic dream that the Haunters' are preparing to usher in a new Armageddon by corrupting and claiming the everlasting souls of the mystic sage warriors – and using them to create an unstoppable army and send it into the world of the living. With a fully charged Dark Engine set in the right location within the Haunter realm, a temporary connection can be made between the realms.

Shadow-man and the Outbreak origin.

I have been bestowed with the title Dark Shadow by the counsel of grand elders. Equipped with weapons blessed by our clan priestess, only through battle may we redeem our infinite souls. One of our weapons of choice is a blood scythe that we use to rip the enemies of the Dark army to pieces or control their will with its slash marks. Combined with our gore shotgun, whose individual gun parts are constructed from bone calcium and marrow we are equipped to punish those who dwell in the darkness. The more damage we take in combat as Dark Shadows, the more potent and effective our weapons become.

Known in my world as a mystic sage warrior, I am tasked with alternatively moving through the estate of the living and traversing to the place where disregarded souls spend eternity in despair. Having mastered the balance of mystical and dark arts, my duty to retrieve these disregarded souls has allowed me to come into conflict with beast and monsters that guard those souls in eternal despair.

Before the Earth was founded and terraformed by humans, the equilibrium over the most powerful wielders of energies in the cosmos had begun undergoing a true transformation in their ranks. Known as inter-dimensional soldiers that evolved over their time using forces not yet given names on Earth. Taking it upon themselves to rule over species not yet spiritually evolved nor prepared for the domination. Eight wielders of powerful energies transferred their gift into items that would become known as the trial items. When all eight wielders mysteriously vanished, The newly established light and dark fractions would eventually seek out the trial items to make both positive and negative forces balanced amongst each other.


About the author

LUiS Thompson

When I'm not designing or laying down brutalities in Mortal Kombat, I'm establishing a legacy for myself, my fans, and the horror, science fiction, and fan fiction writing communities.


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